Spiritual Awakening Meditation Music:

Here's The Easiest Tried & True Method for You To Experience Profound States of Meditation & Bliss


If You Are Truly Interested in Awakening Your Kundalini or Having a Spiritual Awakening Then Shaktipat in Some Form is a Necessity.  


Dear Friend,

Imagine what it would be like if you could listen to meditation music that instantly melted away your stress and gently moved you into deep states of meditation and bliss. 

Imagine owning a unique CD that not only could deliver to you incredible states of peace but would also act as an enlightened "tool" that leads you to spiritual awakening, awakening the kundalini & even enlightenment.

My name is Kip Mazuy known as the "Leader in Meditation Music Sound Technology." 

Thousands of people all over the world already enjoy incredible states of meditation while listening to my Shaktipat CDs like Ocean Euphoric and The Calling.  Over 10,000 people read my online meditation teachings every week.

I'd like to be honest with you about something.  Something most meditation teachers don't talk about yet it's the main reason why people never get anywhere with meditation.  

It is the reason why most people remain stuck in the merry go round of suffering and also struggle to attain even a superficial experience of peace in meditation.  Because the truth is it is extremely difficult to attain the states of peace and bliss the enlightened masters talk about simply by meditating on your own.

I was 15 when I started meditating.  And although I had some experiences of peace here and there, it wasn't until I lived in an ashram with a meditation master that I really started to have profound experiences of  bliss and truth.

Because when you attain the highest states of enlightenment, you naturally radiate peace, otherwise known as Kundalini Shaktipat, Deeksha or grace.  So when you sit with someone who is in the highest state of enlightenment,  this same peace and joy is effortlessly awakened in you.  Just by sitting in their presence, you can experience profound states of meditation.

I could meditate for hours at a time by myself and not even come close to feeling the peace and bliss I felt just by sitting in the same room as him - without even meditating.  Just by sitting in the room with him without doing anything, all my worries and problems simply melted away while I enjoyed a profound experience of pure peace.

But the ashram life was not for me and I left after 5 years.  I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted, to live my own life instead of having to follow strict rules about what I could and couldn't do.   So I moved to New Zealand and learned how to surf.

But the truth remains, if you want to open the chakras and experience the higher states of meditation then Shaktipat is usually needed.  

Too often spiritual awakening has been turned into some intellectual understanding and the infinite  bliss, love and freedom that actually happens in awakening the kundalini gets put down to some eastern myth.  But I am here to tell you it is not a myth and with the help of shaktipat, you can experience extraordinary states of meditation and freedom.

After years of sitting with many meditation teachers and masters, I had a profound spiritual awakening which changed my experience of life.  Suddenly there was a constant state of peace in the background no matter what the situation.   And although there were still emotions and challenges,  the underlying current of every experience was bliss.

Basically I went from being a miserable person seeking peace to being peace itself.

And it was through being in a deep state of meditation while making meditation music  that I discovered an incredible thing: I could turn Shaktipat into sound.   

I could, by using very special recording equipment, "record" high states of enlightened meditation and turn it into meditation music.

That means simply by listening to some unique meditation music, you receive shaktipat and can experience incredible states of meditation and bliss.  Even if you are not meditating! 

Simply by Playing The CDs, Meditation Effortlessly Happens. You Can Awaken Your Natural Enlightened State of Unconditional Peace Simply by Listening to Music.

You could experience

Awakening Kundalini

Spiritual Awakening

Unconditional Peace, Bliss & Love

States of Oneness 

Open the Chakras

Transcendence of Mind & Ego  

Spontaneous Healing 

Transcend Deep Rooted Fear & Separation

Witness Consciousness

Savikalpa Samadhi

States of Unconditional Love and Devotion

Out of Body Experiences

Visions & Much More



Infinite Sky is a 3 CD set of very slow and soothing meditation music.  There are 2 tracks per CD and each track is over 30 minutes long allowing you to go very deep in meditation.

The shaktipat sound technology on Infinite Sky took over 4 years to make and cost thousands of dollars in new sound equipment and research.  

I spent the last 9 months just "fine tuning" the sound technology so that I was absolutely sure that these CDs could deliver the most blissful states of meditation ever.   

Almost every sound you hear on Infinite Sky is awakening you to your true nature of unconditional peace.

Most so called "Meditation Sound technology" available simply uses electronic sounds called binaural beats to manipulate your brainwaves.  I find such technology to be a hindrance to profound states of peace and meditation, not helpful.  After all, who wants their brainwaves manipulated in the name of peace?  They simply don't deliver the true experience of peace and bliss that one experiences in deep states of meditation.

The Infinite Sky Enlightened Meditation Music simply emits the vibrations of spiritual enlightenment, washing you in the energetic of peace, allowing your brainwaves to slow down naturally as they are supposed to in meditation.  No electronic sounds to give you a headache, only lush, natural, organic sounds that are turned into music.

Meditating With These CDs Will Make Your Meditations at Least 11 Times More Effective Than Meditating on Your Own - Guaranteed

Simply by playing these CDs while you meditate or do your spiritual practice, your awareness will reach a whole new level bliss.

And although I call them meditation music, their benefits go far beyond meditation.

Play them throughout your day, to keep yourself in a constant  state of peace.  This means you can actually live in a state of unconditional peace simply by playing the CDs.

You can listen to them as you go to sleep at night or even quietly all night long.  Not only could they cure insomnia, but your sleep would turn into 8 hours of meditation!

Turn a stressful "errand day" into a Zen meditation retreat!  I always listen to them while running errands, standing in line in a busy post office, grocery shopping.  They make a HUGE difference.  

It's the difference of coming home with a headache feeling completely drained to spending the whole day in a high state of bliss and radiating that bliss to everyone you come in contact with.

Do you take public transportation?  Put these CDs on your mp3 player and listen to them on buses, trains, taxis, airplanes and airports.  You will find it surrounds you in your own blissful cocoon. It will make any place or situation feel like paradise.

Bring them to work and listen to them in your coffee break for a 5 minute rest and recharge.  You will be amazed what a difference this could make in a long work day.

Play the Infinite Sky CD when you have visitors.  It will make anyone feel peaceful without them even knowing it.

Boosts Creativity.  If you are an artist, try playing the CDs while you create.  Some very great artists and writers listen to the CDs while they work.

Use them for Yoga or Tai Chi.  If you teach yoga, meditation or Tai Chi, play these CDs in your class.  It can make everyone have an incredibly blissful experience.  They'll want to come to every class you give!

Highly recommended for massage, Reiki and other healing arts.  I have a friend that plays them while doing beauty therapy -waxes and facials.  Her clients always tell her how incredibly relaxed they feel after having a session with her.  And that's after getting their hair yanked off their legs!

Bring clarity to any dilemma.  If you are ever unclear because of emotional or mental distress, sit down and listen to the CDs for a few minutes.   It brings clarity to any situation.

Use them in childbirth.  Woman are writing in on how amazing the birth process was while listening to The Infinite Sky CDs.  Furthermore, how amazing would it be for the baby to come into this world enveloped in a blanket of peace?  Many also play the music all night long for their babies and children.  

Awakening Kundalini.  Awakening the Kundalini means awakening the energy of enlightenment inside you which then open the chakras and this is exactly what these CDs naturally do without any harmful side effects whatsoever.

Can be helpful in curing depression, anxiety, and stress.  



"Wanted to let you know I received the Infinite Sky CDs yesterday, and spent the whole day listening to them, even today !

I really don't know what to say...it is really magic! ... the shakti is very potent ! ...this time it's beyond all descriptions,

 the purity and love that radiates from the Infinite Sky CDs are god-like ! All the chakras are buzzing because of the intensity, blissful! 

wonderful job and thank you again for all of this!"

(Kevin Salmeron, France)



"Every time I play the music, my chakras vibrate. 

What is it about your music that makes this happen???"

(Alex Chao, NY USA)



There is no end to what these CDs can do.  Because they are not a drug or something that manipulates your experience.  They simply awaken you to your essence, to the peace that is here underneath all of the thinking, stress and separation.    They awaken you to your natural state of being.  

For some that might translate as a deep silence, for others it maybe self acceptance or love, another a feeling of goodness.  If you feel sick it may help you feel healthy again.  

The point being, the Infinite Sky Enlightened Meditation Music awakens the infinite peace that naturally already resides in you at your essence.  So whatever is needed to help bring you into a deeper sense of balance and peace will present itself.

But rather than warble on any longer about what these CDs can do, have a listen to one or more of the music samples below and experience it for yourself.


Disc 1

Track 1:  Infinite Love

Track 2:  Infinite Sky


Disc 2

Track 1 : Lift Off

Track 2:  Infinite Peace


Disc 3

Track 1 : Sankalpa

Track 2:  Night Sounds




Although the sound quality of these samples are not as good as the CD, you can still feel that serenity.  You can still feel something subtlety happening even after a couple of minutes.

The Infinite Sky Shaktipat music simply awakens the natural state of unconditional peace that you are meant to experience in life.  The kind of peace that you only enjoy in deep unconscious sleep when your mind is at rest.  The rest that you need in order to function in day to day life.  

So to have the ability to experience this simply by listening to music is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  This music nourishes you in every level.  

Some notice it instantly and can have profound experiences within minutes of playing the music.  Others it is a gradual spiritual awakening.  No matter how the experience manifests in you, it is a movement into your natural state of bliss and love. 

Skeptical?  Read what others are saying about the Infinite Sky Spiritual Awakening CDs:


"I LOVE Infinite Sky. When I sit in meditation with any of the disc's

I Almost Immediately Experience a Flow of Energy to My Third Eye and Crown. The Energy Is So Powerful That It Holds My Focus and When Thoughts Come They Don't Detract from Meditation but Slowly Drop Away. 

After a short while I become conscious of a subtle energy rising from the base of the spine to the crown. A slight ticklish sensation increases to periodic charges of energy that physically shake my body as they shoot up my spine to the crown. 

Gone Are Concerns about Doing It Right and Other Worldly Problems.

I love it. Thanks"

(Will Cunningham, NY, USA)



"After Meditating with The First CD I Felt Currents of Blissful Warmth Running Up and Down My Body and A Profound Sense of Joy! 

Same with CD 2. Now the third CD I woke up early in the morning and meditated with it, then I went to sleep and had a very lucid dream. Images were very clear and full of joy.   I experienced an incredible depth of perception with richly colored events which was a challenge to my ego. The events allowed me an opportunity to let go of my fear and experience the wonder before me!  "

(Louis Delmar, PA, USA)


"Am really grateful for "Infinite Sky". Thank You. "The Calling" has been at the top of my meditations soundtrack chart since I got it in 97. Had been hoping for an upgrade though.

Infinite Sky Is Definitely That. The Last Couple Weeks, My Meditations Have Really Shifted Into A New Dimension. To A Kind Of "In Awe Of The Wonder" Awareness.
Definitely Blissful. Profoundly Peaceful.

Not that listening to your CD is the only spiritual work I do. The credit has to be shared around, but I think I can accurately report that 

'Infinite Sky' Has Been A Key That Has Enabled Me To Open A Door To New Depths Of Awareness."

(Peter Everbright, Australia)




"I just received The Infinite Sky CD a couple of weeks ago, and all I can say is WOW! 

I thought Ocean Euphoric was great and it is, but Infinite Sky at least for me takes it to a whole new level. I was also wondering if I could ask you some questions about some inner states that for the most part were semi-dormant, but now that I am listening to Infinite Sky, seem to be awakening."

(Dennis McLeskey, USA)



"I listened to the first CD today:) It is beyond the words. Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! I could not finish it all the way the energy was too intense. 

I do not only listen to your music but I mostly feel it and I do love what I feel! I am really grateful that I came across your music. I think it is very important milestone on my path:)"

(Jitka Slamova, Czech Republic)


"I just received Infinite Sky today.

I Was Amazed At How Quickly I 'Went In'. "

(Rose Kaval, Ohio, USA)



"The Experiences and The Effect (of Infinite Sky) Are Incredible and Impossible to Describe.

During meditation the energy flows much easier and the sensations are so strong and blissful that the mind cannot distract."

(Rosa Villegas, CA, USA)




"Amazingly Potent Music Kip... Basking in The Shakti. Thank You for Such an Amazing Gift"

(Nick Sutcliffe, Australia)


"Yesterday evening my twin brother felt bad. So I just told him to relax and I had him listen to Infinite Sky. He immediately felt strange at first and in 2 minutes he was bathing in peace! he told me 

'Wow I really feel wonderful, I  have never felt this way before !' 

ahah i had to fight to get my speakers and Ipod back !!!"

(Kevin Salmeron, France)




"Just Wanted You to Know I LOVE Infinite Sky -Beyond Words."

(John Lenz, AZ, USA)



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This is no ordinary meditation music.  This is shaktipat on CD.  And if you listen to the CDs, something very special will begin to happen within that will shine into all aspects of you life.  They are the only CDs I have in my CD player at home.  I no longer see the point in listening to anything else.  Because there is nothing else I have found on CD that is this nourishing, this supportive of balance and awareness.

If you practice meditation, then these CDs can catapult you into wonderful experiences and spiritual awakening.  If you simply are looking for a little more peace in your life, just by playing these CDs your whole world can be transformed into serenity.

I even paid extra to have environmentally friendly CD packaging, using soy based inks, recycled board and eco CD trays.  That means you are supporting sustainable forestry and reducing the carbon footprint.

If I look at the years of work I put into these CDs, as well as the many thousands of dollars invested in state of the art sound equipment, research and development, the price tag to cover my costs should be about 500 dollars.  And for what these CDs will do for you if you listen to them, the price tag should be closer to a thousand.

But I want them to be available to everyone who would value such a CD.  And if you don't value such a CD that can bring you to peace it is best you leave this page right now. 

But if you do value a CD that can awaken you into your natural state of unconditional peace, that will deepen your meditations 11 fold,  then order today, and you can have the 3 CD set of the Infinite Sky Enlightened Meditation music for only US$197  US$97  

A trip to India to find an enlightened master that can give you shaktipat would cost you a few thousand.  Even a 3 day spiritual retreat with your local Advaita teacher would be in the hundreds of dollars.  But you can have a tool that you can use in your own home or wherever you go to awaken yourself into enlightened states of meditation and peace for just $97


*Only Available Through This Website*


Click Here to Have Your Infinite Sky Spiritual Awakening CDs Sent Directly to Your Door


The CDs also come with these free bonuses:

 Free bonus #1 "5 Paths to Spiritual Awakening." E-book (A $47 Value, Yours FREE)

This E-book explains 5 different paths that lead to Spiritual Awakening including theories, techniques and personal experiences.  

It also explains very clearly 

-What is meditation and how meditation takes you to freedom

-What is awareness, witness consciousness and Savikalpa Samadhi

-What is the main obstacle to enlightenment and how to overcome it.

-How to transcend the mind completely

-How to instantly have an experience of nonduality

-The path that can bypass all of the usual hurdles to enlightenment

-How to break free of the intellect in order to directly realize consciousness

-What is Shaktipat and how does it work


Free bonus #2  (Usually NZ$120 per hour,  yours FREE)

Expert Online Consultation on Meditation Available Anytime

Have any questions about meditation, awareness?  Would you like to be free from those problems that you struggle with on a day to day basis? 

I offer free online guidance so you can find answers to problems that you may have been struggling with for years whether it been in meditation or your outer life.  Simply send me an email with your question and problem and you can usually get a response to your questions within 24 hours.  


Free bonus #3  (Can't even put a price on this one)

Free Access to the Group Meditation Shaktipat Awakening Sessions with Me by Phone 

All you have to do is sign up for free, call the USA number and let me awaken you into deep meditation & bliss.



I know without a doubt that if you listen to these CDs, you will experience incredible peace.  

So I will make it easy for you and remove all of the risk.

Order The Infinite Sky 3 CD set of Enlightened Meditation Music now and listen at least 15 minutes a day.  

If you are not 100% satisfied it has brought you more peace, return the CDs within 100 days and I will refund your entire payment.  You can even keep the free bonuses.


It seems to me it is a no-brainer to order these CDs.  Why would you not want something that not only nourishes you in unconditional peace but helps lead you into incredible states of meditation and spiritual awakening?

Enlightened states of meditation and bliss has never been offered to you so easily and probably never will again.

Too often people on the spiritual path get stuck in the intellectual side of teachings and lose site of the true experience of unconditional peace.  These CDs help awaken you to the truth again, to the unfathomable peace, bliss, love and freedom that is at your essence.

Shaktipat has been around for thousands of years.  It has been documented in some of the most ancient Vedic texts as the most important ingredient to attaining spiritual enlightenment.  I would not enjoy the bliss I do today without it.  I have simply found away to create this shaktipat/deeksha on CD, so simply by listening to some beautiful meditation music, meditation happens.

You will receive:


-The Infinite Sky 3 CD set of Meditation Music containing the latest Bliss Music Shaktipat Meditation Sound Technology. (Over 3 hours of music to choose from.)

-The 5 Paths to Spiritual Awakening E-book

-Free Online Consultation

-Free Access to the Shakti Awakening Sessions by Phone

All for only $97.  Don't expect this price to be this low for very long.  For all the money and time put into them, I am practically giving them away at this price.


So Click Here Now to Have Your Infinite Sky Spiritual Awakening CDs Sent Directly to Your Door 


You will be very happy you did.



Kip Mazuy

Bliss Music



PS:  If you're still on the fence, have a listen to the samples, meditate with them, experience the peace you feel just by listening for a couple of minutes.  

And remember the 100 day money back guarantee.









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