Spiritual Enlightenment:

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There is only one thing ever to point to for your own freedom.  

And it's not a thing, it is this moment.  

This is where your focus should rest.  Not today, not this hour, not this minute nor this second, it is much more simple than that.  

It is right now, this very moment.  To allow everything to be as it is just now.  To let yourself be present with what is right now.  

And right now you exist.  Right now, there is a feeling of being.  In this moment without referring to your thoughts there is this undeniable sense that you are.  

Notice this.  Not "you are a person"  or "your are" anything at all.  But simply being.  It is indescribable, indefinable, but it is here.   If thoughts come, let them come, let them go.  If feelings are there let them be.  Don't resist anything.  

Don't even resist the resistance.  Because if you resist this moment, if you think it should be other than it is, then you are at war with this moment.  And no matter how hard you try and manipulate your world in this moment to be the way you would like it to be, it will only be the way that it is.

So you either are resting in this moment or you are fighting this moment. 

You are living as "is-ness" or your are living as "I want."  To be here in and as this moment, or to be lost in your thoughts.  You can't have both.  Freedom or limitation.  This present moment, or your endless commentary about who you think you are, where you have been and where you are going.  

Can you let everything be in this moment?  Can you stop trying to change and control your world and instead, simply rest with me right now?  Just for this second, can you let go and rest in what is here and now?

Don't worry if you are doing it right or wrong.  Just be here with me.  Notice this moment.  Notice that in this moment you exist.  That you cannot deny this feeling that existence is happening.  Very simple.  

Are you still here?  If not, just come back, let go of your thinking and keep coming back and all is peaceful again  What else is there besides now?  Isn't it all thoughts outside of now?  Isn't it all your imagination outside of now?  

Let all of that go for just this moment.  This is all that there is and the only thing.  This moment is freedom itself, bliss itself, love itself.  So incredibly intoxicating.  So nurturing.  This moment is you.  And the is-ness goes on forever.  So easy and so simple.  Too simple for thinking.  It's too subtle to be figured out or defined.  It is you and you alone.

And if you find this hard, simply ask yourself "Who am I?"  In this moment, who are you?  This question simply takes out the thinking you and all that is left is this feeling of being, of just watching.  All that is left is this moment.  Ask this over and over.  "Who am I?  Who am I?"  The question takes you immediately back to now.

Or you can just surrender.  Surrender to everything that is happening right here and right now.  Let all of your fixing, wanting, needing, controlling go.  What will be left is just this moment.  Just you.  If there is emotion let the emotion be.  If there is pain, let the pain be.  Feel it completely in this moment, don't label it, judge it or resist it. 

If you let it be completely you will see that there is something quite profound in the pain, something incredibly beautiful and nurturing.  You pass right through this solid feeling of you into something that has no boundaries.  Where you are love itself.  You are bliss itself.  You are presence itself.  You are consciousness.

Are you still here?  Are you still present?  Breathe with me here.  Sit with me here.  Stop trying to fix what needs not fixing.  Stop trying to get into a meditative state, or to be peaceful.  Just be, and in the being, the one that resists is no more.

And if you rest here, you will see that everything is happening by itself.  That thoughts come by themselves, breathing happens by itself.  That everything is moving along just fine without you pretending to control everything.  And then you can rest in this moment, you can dive deeply, unceasingly into this moment and disappear into the sweet nectar of silence.




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Questions for Spiritual Enlightenment:  

Spiritual Enlightenment could be said to be the realization of what you are beyond the mind.  Or rather, it is the realization of what you are not.  This idea of "me" full of desires and fears and suffering no longer defines you.

And what is left is your natural state of unconditional peace, love and joy.  

When you realize  it, you will see why it is called your natural state- because it feels pure, free and simply put, the way you naturally are beyond your identification with your mind.

Such words like these point to the truth, but they are not enough.  

Because eventually, the words again become knowledge, they become something you "know" and in that knowing, you no longer go where they point to.

And so everyone goes from one teaching to the next, changing their techniques, their beliefs, their practice and still nothing happens, they remain stuck in the mind.   You have glimpses of the truth and then it disappears again.

Spiritual Enlightenment is not a mental or intellectual shift, it is an energetic shift.  

If you ever had the opportunity to sit with a fully enlightened master, you know that just by sitting in their presence, automatically, you experienced deep, blissful states of meditation.  Regardless of the words spoken, something much deeper happened.  Enlightenment for that period of time, seemed to be awakened inside you just by sitting in their presence.

And if you could remain in such enlightened presence, everything  that keeps you from experiencing the truth begins to dissolve, until presence, peace and bliss becomes what you are.

But most westerners are uncomfortable with having a "Guru" or simply don't have the time or option to find someone who is fully enlightened and can transmit such presence to them on a daily basis.

This is why I have developed Audio CDs that transmit such enlightened presence to you, enabling you to experience enlightened states of awareness often within minutes which you probably could not have experienced after decades of practice on your own.

I often get the question "Can't I just do it on my own?"  

And the question is, why would you want to struggle on your own for years when you could begin to experience it now?

Too many people seeking freedom end up stuck in their ideas and knowledge about enlightenment.  Their ideas and knowledge end up being a hindrance to their awareness rather than being helpful.

But simply by playing one of these CDs,  a true state of enlightened awareness is awakened in you, beyond what you think you know.

I am not here to tell you that these CDs are the only way to Spiritual Enlightenment.  But I am inviting you to have a listen to some of the samples and see for yourself.  

Because if have a listen to the samples and read some of the testimonials from people who meditate to the CDs, you will probably find like so many others that this music can change your life.  These CDs have already awakened so many to unconditional peace and can awaken the same peace and bliss in you.  Even just by listening to the samples.


I would suggest you first check out

The Ocean Euphoric Meditation CD

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If you are advanced in your meditations and feel ready for a deep & healing  enlightened transmission on CD, then check out 

The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs

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Or have a listen to the newest Meditation CDs with the latest Shakti Sound Technology in this Youtube video:


(For more information on the music in this video visit The Infinite Sky Meditation Music for Spiritual Awakening  web page)

Or if you prefer to meditate in silence or already have Ocean Euphoric and The Calling Check out  Shakti Silence

By listening to the CDs, enlightened transmission happens by itself, then it is simply your responsibility to remain present.  To allow yourself to experience what is here in this moment, without judging it, or defining it, or describing it,  just simply feeling it, as sensation.

Proven thousands of times over, these CDs will awaken in you your true nature of unconditional peace, bliss & love, making the whole process of spiritual transformation much easier.

Below are some writings that you might find helpful.

Please feel free to email any sincere questions about meditation & spiritual awakening questions@bliss-music.com  





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