kundalini shakti
What is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini Shakti is simply the energy of unconditional peace, the energy of pure consciousness.  It is what naturally emanates from someone in the deepest states of meditation & samadhi.

When you sit with a fully enlightened meditation master, someone who has mastered deep states of meditation, you naturally feel blissful in their presence.  Just by being near them, you feel good, peaceful, happy.  Just by sitting with them, meditation happens without really any effort on your part at all. 

This is Kundalini Shakti.  It is the easiest way to enter into deep states of meditation and one of the oldest methods passed down from Enlightened teacher to student for thousands of years.  Spiritual transformation happens automatically when you are regularly in contact with this energy.

Kundalini Shakti is not something foreign or separate from you.  It is the energy vibration of unconditional peace, bliss and love that exists at your essence.   When you receive Shakti, this peace is awakened at the very core of your being and begins to radiate outward.  Meditation begins to happen automatically.

How Can You Receive Kundalini Shakti?

Before, the only way to receive Shakti was through an Enlightened Shakti Guru.  But because of breakthroughs in audio technology you can now receive it through sound.

The Bliss Music Shakti CDs transmit kundalini shakti through meditation music.  Just by listening to CDs such as Infinite Sky, Pure or Ocean Euphoric, Shakti begins to be awakened in you.  Usually, you feel it as peace or bliss and just
by letting your attention rest in the feeling of bliss, deep meditation &
transformation happens. 

How is this Kundalini Shakti Sound Made?

The deepest states of meditation where different vibrations of Shakti are
most powerful get recorded and with very special audio equipment get turned into sound that you can hear.  And so by listening to the Bliss Music Meditation CDs, you receive Shakti and naturally awaken into deep meditation and peace.  It is completely safe and the most powerful meditation sound technology out there. 

Calling it a sound technology is not even correct as it is based on the transmission of Shakti: a method to attain enlightenment that is thousands of years old.  It simply modernizes this method in a way that is accessable to everyone.  In the old days of India, you took a pilgremmage to see a Guru and get their blessing.  Now you can simply press play on your mp3 player or CD player.

My interest is not in replacing enlightened teachers but simply to offer an easy way for everyone to receive Shakti and experience the essential peace, love and bliss that lies deep within us.

Who Uses These CDs?

Thousands of people around the world use them to deepen their
meditation with great success.  Many people use them as a tool
to help them on their path to spiritual awakening.  Others use them
in their yoga practice, in the healing arts for their clients like
massage, reiki, accupuncture.

Some people who don't meditate at all simply use them to help them
feel peaceful.  Feeling peaceful becomes as easy as pressing play
on your CD player or mp3 player for a few minutes.  They are also
popular to listen to on public transportation, such as buses, trains,
airplanes and airports.

Dentists and doctors play these CDs for patients to help them stay

Although I make no medical claims about this music, many have reported great success using them to treat depression, anxiety, manic depression, and to get off of anti depressive drugs.

Which CDs Should I Start With?

If you are new to meditation, start with Ocean Euphoric.  It comes with a small book that explains very simply and easily how to meditate. 

If you are already meditating or established in some form of yoga or spiritul practice, have a listen to Infinite Sky or The Pure Shakti CDs.

If you prefer to meditate in silence, check out Shakti Silence.

Are These CDs Completely Safe?

Yes.  They only emit the vibration of deep meditation, of unconditional peace.  There are completely safe and natural. 

What frequencies do these CDs use?

They do not use particular frequencies. It has nothing to do with frequencies.

Are these like Binaural Beats or other Brain Entrainment CDs?

No, not at all.   They have absolutely nothing to do with binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies or anything like that.  It does not manipulate your brainwaves or anything aggressive at all.  The actual sounds you here are the Shakti itself, the vibration of peace.  This peace itself allows your mind to naturally sink into meditation without any force or manipulation.

Do They Have Subliminals?

No, there are no subliminals. 

Do I Need to use headphones?  Can I put the CDs on my mp3 player?

You do not need to use headphones.  Listen to them through speakers or headphones, whatever your preference.

Yes, you can put them on your own personal mp3 player.  There is no loss of Shakti in the conversion.  But you are not allowed to share the mp3s with others.  They need to purchase their own copy.

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kundalini shakti
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