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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created Ocean Euphoric, an audio CD program that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of relaxation and meditation in the listener. 

While most meditation brainwave entrainment CDs use binaural beats to induce states of meditation, Kip found a miraculous way to turn the actual energetic experience of peace into sound.

Since then, this "Shakti Music" has evolved into CDs like "The Calling," "Infinite Sky" and the newest Pure CDs all of which are becoming quite famous as people are experiencing incredible states of peace and bliss while listening to them.  Some even having spiritual awakenings while meditating with them, sometimes on their first listen.

Thousands of people all over the world already swear by them as a tool to help them experience deep states of meditation.




Yogamates Interview:


Yogamates: What came first for you, music or meditation?

Kip: I would have to say music because I was making music long before I knew what meditation was.

Still, even at an early age I was very interested in how sound could make people have certain experiences. As a child I would have dreams at night about listening to music that would put you into a state of sublime peace.  I did not realize at the time the music in the dreams I was listening to was my own.

Yogamates: Where and when did your interest in music start?

Kip: I had music in my life forever. My mother was trained as a classical pianist. She had me take piano lessons since about age 3 which I always resisted and I was terrible! 

But as soon as I was allowed to stop those lessons, when no one was home I would sit down and start playing piano, not from written music but just creating music as I went. By the time I was 13 or so, I had already saved up and bought a tiny little 4 track studio piece by piece. Music was everything to me.

Yogamates: Please explain your music.

Kip: My music is solely for the purpose to awaken you into unconditional peace. 

I have found a way to record the subtle energetic of deep meditation and turn it into sound. So that when you listen to the music you are washed in the vibration of unconditional peace, allowing you to easily move into a state of relaxation and meditation.

Yogamates: Who does your music benefit?

Kip:  It benefits anyone who has the intention to deepen their experience of peace, bliss and love. 

It was created at first with the sole intention to help others who were seeking enlightenment. Of course it is used in many meditation classes and satsangs. But it is not just for meditation. 

Many business people use the music as a 5 minute rejuvenation to bring themselves back to a state of balance. It is used in all of the healing arts including Yoga, Massage, and Reiki. It is used by artists to help boost their creativity. Some use it to help with depression, insomnia, even bipolar disease. 

But most of all it is for your own inner peace. So you can be sitting on a train, put on your headphones and even though there is activity all around you, you slip into a sublime state of bliss. So you can go home at the end of the day, pop on a CD and let the music wash away all the stress bringing you back to presence.

Yogamates: How did you perfect the magic of your music?

Kip: There is a huge amount of ongoing research and experimentation that goes into the  shakti sound technology. Making the music is the easy part, it just happens by itself. Then meditating with it over and over making sure the music delivers to me the state of peace I wish to convey. Last, testing it out on friends and hearing their experience with it.

Yogamates: Why is meditation music so important and essential to raise consciousness?

Kip:  Because you are influenced and conditioned by everything around you. You are a product of your environment. 

If you are in a stressful environment, part of that stress becomes you. And sound plays a big part. People who listen to the radio all day take on a bit of the vibration of every musician, advertiser and DJ they listen to. You walk by a jack hammer, a car honking their horn, the loud thumping of a subwoofer base, a woman yelling at her child, all of these sounds carry a vibration that is moving through you.

And because most people live in an environment that is not conducive to inner peace, spiritual progress can often seem quite slow and difficult doing it on your own. 

By playing this shakti meditation music that not only sounds peaceful but carries the energy vibration of a deep state of peace, you turn your environment into a blissful temple, your own enlightened ashram. 

This energy vibration heals you, raises your own vibration, deepens your own state of awareness. Then your state of peace touches everyone around you. It is that easy. Simply by finding peace in yourself, you transform this whole world.

It is just a matter of influencing your environment. And music with the vibration of unconditional peace (kundalini shaktipat)  is the easiest way I know to do this beyond moving to an ashram. 

Yogamates: Please tell us about your profound spiritual awakening that led you to create Ocean Euphoric.

Kip:  One winter day, I was walking along the beach with my dog and was overcome by a feeling of deep sadness, loss, and despair. As I surrendered to this emotion, completely allowing myself to feel the sensations that were there, the emotion grew in intensity.

By the time I got home, this feeling was so overwhelming I could not function. I sat down on the couch, and immediately I could not move my body, as though I was put under for an operation. Still surrendering to this emotional intensity, I watched as thousands of thoughts, dreams & visions flashed before me at lightning speed and immediately burned away in this intensity. 

At some point I realized that this intensity that I called emotion was in fact the intensity of consciousness. And every thought, feeling and dream that arose was instantly burned away in this fire of consciousness. It went on like this until everything was burned away and there was just consciousness.

After a couple of hours of this, I was able to move my body again. I stood up and looked over at my kitchen clock, and at that moment I realized that I was and always had been consciousness itself. That there never could be anything but consciousness and the idea of a separate me with problems and desires did not exist. The ego only existed as an action of resistance to what is. 

It was not a thought but a total realization, beyond mind, like an explosion. Just recalling it now brings waves of bliss up through my body.

For a while I wanted to tell everyone about it thinking they could realize the same. But most of the time the words were no good. I often came across as annoying and arrogant.

It was apparent that this realization could not happen through words but energetically. Something at an energetic level shifted and that was what made all the difference. 

So began a lot of research into sound. And in the end the only thing I found that helped you experience unconditional peace was the presence of an enlightened master, one who had attained the highest states of meditation (credit fischer). Simply by sitting in their presence, you could easily move into beautiful states of peace and bliss. Transformation happened fast and effortlessly.

And then one day I found a way to turn this enlightened presence into sound and the sound into music. It literally just fell into my lap when I was working on something else and blew me away. That was when Ocean Euphoric was born. 

Yogamates: The idea that you create the music while in deep meditation is beautiful! Please explain.

Kip:  Even long before Ocean Euphoric I realized the only way to make good meditation music was to be in a deep state of meditation myself. It is in a state of meditation that the music just flows and I just enjoy the ride. 

If I ever tried to get involved with it mentally, the music was no good; it did not carry that exquisite peace and beauty that made me so attracted to music in the first place. So I learned over time to just keep out of the way and watch the music happen.

Yogamates: What does your daily practice look/sound like? 

Kip:  My life revolves around just about everything being spiritual practice.  When I first wake up, I chant for about 40 minutes.  Then a run on the beach.  Then I come home, do some yoga postures, chanting and then sit for meditation for 2-3 hours followed by private meditation sessions by phone. 

In the evening, a walking meditation on the beach, then more chanting and sitting again for meditation for 1-2 hours. Then another shorter meditation before I go to bed, so when I lay down I am in a deep state of awareness and meditation continues.

Beyond that, I find working and exercise balances out my time in stillness, and a great meditation and challenge in itself,  surrendering more into either love and devotion or into the nothingness of this moment.

Yogamates: Thanks for joining us! Where can we find out more about you?

Kip: Thank you for having me! I am grateful to be here and a part of your amazing site. 

You can find more about me here

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Many Blessings,



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