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What does this mean?

In this moment, your mind is running a mile a minute.  Take a moment and notice your thoughts, what you are thinking about.

Thoughts consist of what you think you have to do in the future, what you want in the future, memories from the past. 

Yet you are alive in this moment, the idea of the future or the past is only in your thinking, it is a fantasy that you live in.  So as your attention is lost in thinking, you are avoiding this moment.

The greater your resistance to this moment, the greater the stress.

So the first thing to do is allowt.

Instead of thinking about what you have to do, what you want, what is not right in this moment, allow it all to be as it is.  Allow your life to be as it is. Everything that you are worried about, fear, think you have to do, allow it to be.  Accept that it is there and let it be.  Allow all of your thinking to be.

Even if you are thinking how it should be different than it is, allow those thoughts to be.  Allow your thinking to be as it is, allow your feelings to be as they are.  Whether you feel happy or sad, pleasure or pain, let it be completely in this moment without having to change it in any way.  And without having to justify it.  Just let it be as it is.

The second thing to do is breathe and be aware of your breathing.

Breathing always happens in the present moment.  So when you are aware of your breathing, you are aware of the moment.   When you feel stressed, you shorten your breath, you breath irregularly and repress your breath. 

So breath deeply through your nose and notice your breathing, while allowing this moment to be as it is.

Do this right now, close your eyes, allow all of your thinking and feeling to be as it is and breathe.  If thoughts come, let them come, let them go, but continue to watch your breathing.  Do this for thirty seconds.  I guarantee you will feel much better.

Did you do it?  You feel more peaceful, yes? 

This alone will save you from therapy, medication, illness.  Because in this experience of accepting and breathing, you are no longer resisting life.   So just breathe, notice breathing and allow thinking and feeling to be.

As you go about your day, try to be conscious when you remember to breathe and accept the moment as it is.  To allow feelings and thoughts to be as they are.   Take a few minutes every day to sit comfortably and do only this.   Your health will improve, your happiness will increase and a new found sense of peace, love and bliss will grow like wildflowers.

You can increase this feeling of bliss by ten to a hundred fold by listening to any of the Bliss Music CDs available here.  Many of them have a sound technology the emits the very vibration of unconditional peace.  So just by listening to them, you feel deeply relaxed and at peace without having to do anything at all.   A great one to start with is Ocean Euphoric.  This CD and book is a full relaxation/meditation program that will change your life for the better.  It already has for thousands of others.
By the time you finish this short article, you will feel more relaxed, blissful and at peace with your life.

I am sure you know how important relaxation is in life.  Many studies have proven that stress is the leading cause of many physical, mental and emotional  illnesses. 

Here is a secret that many people don't know:  Stress is created out of your resistance to the present moment.
"I received the Ocean Euphoric today.  I immediately put the headphones, laid back and put the CD on for half hour or so - felt blissed out and so much more relaxed than ever!

I am sold, your product is amazing. The music is so incredibly relaxing, it penetrates your soul and lifts the spirits."

(Jodi H., New Zealand)

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