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Interview with Kip Mazuy
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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created a revolutionary sound technology that transmits Kundalini Shakti to the listener through sound, allowing you to experience deep states of meditation & bliss very easily. 

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, bliss and spiritual nonduality while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" and "The Calling." 

Kip is also known for his no-nonsense teachings on meditation and self realization and meditates with people all over the world to help awaken them to their natural state of peace.

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Teachings on advaita vedanta and meditation

This energy is an aware energy.  Thus it is called consciousness.  It is awake-ness.  It is awareness.  Awareness is not something you do, it simply it is.  Take away everything and what will be left is awareness.

When you experience yourself as something separate from everything else, then you feel in conflict with everything else.  This sense of conflict is always there.  When you realize advaita, and experience that everything is of one energy, then this conflict disappears and you feel pure peace. 

There is no end to the exploration of this, for consciousness is infinite, it is everywhere.  To know experientially that you exist and everything exists as consciousness is termed self-realization.  It is the realization of your true essence. 
For me, there was a definitive shift that happened.  There was an intense experience of emotion.  In surrendering to feeling the essence of that emotion the feeling became so intense that all I could do was sit down on my couch.  The energy was so strong it took over everything.  I could not even move my body as it did its work.  It was like I was drugged for an operation.
The energy kept increasing in this meditation.  For a couple of hours, thousands of thoughts/dreams/visions arose in awareness and instantly burned away in this fire of consciousness.  All I could do was observe the whole thing happening.  This fire of consciousness burned everything up that arose until there was nothing else arising.  There was only this fire of consciousness.

After about 2 hours, I could open my eyes.  I stood up and looked at the clock and realized at the depth of my being that I had always been and always will be consciousness.  That there was nothing but consciousness.  I cried and laughed for hours every day after that for a few weeks.  The sense of freedom was overwhelming.

There was and is a strong energy radiating through me like a light bulb.  When I am alone, sitting in silence, or meditating with others, this bliss increases.  The physical, mental forms can disappear completely and there is just energy, just awareness.  It is incredibly nurturing, loving, peaceful, beautiful.  It washes away everything, it seems to even heal my physical form.  

Sometimes there is just nothing.   I am nothing.   Everything is nothing, everthing is completely empty.  In this, there is pure peace, pure silence.  And this silence is everything and everywhere.  It is all peace.

Sometimes I move out of the top of my head into realms I cannot even begin to describe.  I feel exqusitie ecstasy moving through the crown and through my body. 

I could go on forever about the qualities of resting in this essence, but could not describe it accurately.  It is the essence of happiness, contentment.  It is divine.  It is everything you truly ever wanted.  You seek it in everything you want, yet when you get the object you want, it does not deliver this bliss that this essence delivers and so you find another object to desire.  But what you truly desire is contentment, and this is your very nature.  You simply have to look past the mind and all of it's noise.

To experience your essence, which is not yours or mine but essence itself, you must strip away everything that you think yourself to be.  To find who you you are, you have to surrender all of the layers of how you dress yourself up.  It takes humility, surrender.  It takes your entire focus on the present moment.

So in this moment, notice your experience.  Close your eyes.  Notice how you feel as a body, notice your breathing, notice your thoughts coming an going but remain present.  

Thoughts constantly invite you to live in them.  If a thought comes about meeting someone tomorrow and you jump into that thought, suddenly you are in your imaginary projection of tomorrow.  You are meeting that person, you are going to lunch, you are having the conversation.  They are even speaking back to you!  But it is all unreal.  It is all imagination.  

Yet this is how people exist.  They see themselves as the result of their past and their desires and fears of the future.  But the only realness about them is in this moment.  In this moment only are you tangible, the rest is simply imagining you are somewhere else.  The rest is a resistance to waht is in this moment.

So right now, notice your experience of you.  Beyond your thoughts notice the feeling of you being alive in this moment.  It is an impersonal you.  It cannot be separated from this moment.  It is pure awareness, simply being.  When you rest in this being, everything starts to be revealed as this being.  Everything just becomes one is-ness. 

Only when you add thoughts do you become an individual, a person with desires and problems.

So your essence is your experience in this moment beyond thoughts, emotions, physical experience.  It is awareness, a vibrating energy.  In this awareness, there is nothing separate from awareness.  There is no other at this state of simply being.  There is no beginning and no end to you.  Thus, not two, Advaita, the experience of being consciousness itself, the essence of what you are.  And vedanta, the end of knowledge.  There is no knowing it.  It is an innocence of pure consciousness and no knowing.

Or simply surrender completely in this moment.  Let everything be as it is and simply experience what is here.  Be aware of the thoughts arising, be aware of the sensations.  Completely allow yourself to experience what is here without commentary, without definition, without engaging the mind and it's commentary.

If you are seriously committed to Self-Realization, I highly recommend the following:
One, spend time every day sitting in meditation, watching your experience in the moment and allowing it to be the way that it is or practicing any other valid meditation technique that works for you. 

Two, immerse yourself in Shakti, the energy of enlightenment that awakens you into enlightenment.  One way to do this is to spend time sitting with one who is awakened/enlightened, someone who you can feel the bliss radiating from them.  This bliss is Shakti.  When you feel into this bliss, naturally you are awakened into deep meditation and transformation.

I offer Shakti in two ways:

One is transmitting Shakti through sound.  By listening to CDs like Pure & Infinite Sky, you receive Shakti.  You will feel the bliss vibrating in your body and when you let your attention rest in this bliss, deep meditation and awakening happens automatically.

Two is through the free online Shakti awakening satsangs.  They are completely free, you just join up, open up the webpage at the time of the satsang and there is a live audio stream.  I will guide you in a meditation, may talk a little, answer questions, all the while this bliss is being transmitted.  You can sign up for the weekly meditation teaching below to be notified of upcoming satsangs.

Three, live a balanced life with diet, exercise and most importantly, awareness. Awareness is most important.  Once you start to taste the peace in this moment, your body will automatically reject certain foods for other healthier vibrant foods.  When you make peace your focus, you will automatically want to take better care of your body, create less distractions and sufferings.  Physical exercise will help move the energy, help keep the body clear.

Advaita means non-dualism.  Advaita means that everything is of god, truth, consciousness.  That there is nothing that is not consciousness.  This is not a belief system to acquire.  Reading and understanding through the mind will only give you more mind.  You must drop the urge to know it intellectually and feel this moment directly.  Drop all beliefs about what is here, about what you know and notice what is here beyond what the thoughts say is here. 

You can click here for more free teachings on meditation & advaita vedanta.  If you scroll down the page you will find hundreds teachings.
There is no longer separation.  This happens because, you have surrendered that sense of being separate.  In meditation, you become aware of the action of identification with thinking and learn to relinquish that action.  When that action of identification ceases, advaita is, nonduality is. Thoughts can still arise, emotions can still arise, but they no longer define you.  They simply arise and disappear on their own.

When one realizes advaita, they see that there is nothing but consciousness.  There is nothing that is not made out of consciousness.  Einstein proved this as a scientist.  That all is made up of one energy. 
advaita vedanta
Advaita means that there is no longer subject & object, the end of duality.
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advaita vedanta
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Please Note:

In Order to Awaken into Deep Meditation & Advaita Realization It is Most Important to Receive Shakti, the Energy that Awakens You into Enlightenment.

The CDs Pure, Infinite Sky  & The Calling transmit Shakti.  So simply by listening to the meditation music on these CDs, you are awakened into deep states of meditation, love and silence.  It is that easy.