Friends of Osho

The Daily Now

Daily quotes by Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown and Nisargadatta.


Books by M. F. Taylor

"Welcome to the process of Knowing What is beyond the bondage of space and time."


Relaxation Music by Liquid Mind


Click here for a Guide To Relaxation

"The spaciousness of silence speaks as Stillness through the Sacredness of Life."

Satsang with Katie Davis

"Born of silence, we have to return to the silence."

Satsang with Pamela Wilson
The Writings of Gopi Krishna

"There is only this: Pure Silence"

Writings on Self-Realization by Mark Mccloskey

Free relaxing music, sleep-aids, and an active discussion. The ideal music for yoga, meditation, or tai-chi.


Nigel Watts:  The Essence of Meditation


Mind Tools Stress Management Masterclass

52 Essential Stress Management Techniques in One Easily Downloadable PDF





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