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3 Quotes on Being in Nothingness

being nothingness

Before fulfillment, you come face to face with your own mundane nothingness.
Then at some point you love
being in nothingness.  

And that love of being nothingness flowers into fulfillment.
"The mind is always seeking stimulation.
We stimulate ourselves at the grosser levels
with things like drugs, porn, junk food, violence;
all the things that create instant stimulation
but then leave us feeling unhappy afterwards.

We stimulate ourselves
through emotional drama, through worry,
through fear, through arrogance.
Even being involved with our thoughts
is a form of stimulation.

All of these things and many more
excite our ego mind.

We both taste a brief joy that makes us feel good
and it also distracts us from the mundane
nothingness of this moment.

The problem comes that we have stimulated 
ourselves to the point where
we are unable to experience
what we are beyond the gross
level of experience
to the point where most of humanity
denies real spirituality even exists.

And even if they do, it is only in belief.
And a thought of a pink elephant
does not make a pink elephant real.

But when we are able to be free 
of all of the stimulations & distractions,
we start to become still enough & clear enough
to feel what we truly are.
We begin to feel the wondrous unconditional peace & bliss 
that is being itself.

But in order to do so,
we have to be willing to be present
in this regular mundane moment of nothing;
without stimulation.
We have to be willing to feel 
this moment completely.

You move through a particular 
state of insanity in order to do this.
Everything you are avoiding will come up.
The mental, the emotional, the physical
will all come to the surface.

And when that is done,
you still come face to face
with your own mundane nothingness
and have to feel that too.
(Before being in nothingness reveals itself
to be fulfillment itself.)

There is no getting around that.

It is one reason Shakti
is so important.

Because Shakti could be said
to be a stimulation,
but it is the stimulation of bliss
that you are at your essence.

It is not putting something 
on top of this moment to distract you.
It is awakening you to what is here at the core.

And if you taste the bliss of this moment
then you are willing to go through
a little insanity to have more of it.

Much love,

nothingness meditation

Being in Nothingness is Fulfillment Itself

"If you throw a rock at a person,
the person willl be hurt.  Their body will be damaged.

But if you throw a rock at air,
the air is not damaged or hurt. The air is unchanged.

Similarly, if you realize your true nature of being nothingness,
the nothingness is unchanging.
The peace that is nothingness is unchanging.

Nothing can hurt it.   Nothing can damage it.

It is beyond all form.

It is only when you are identified with being
a separate solid person,
that you feel hurt; that you feel damaged.

And that is the nature of being a person.
A person can be hurt.  A person is vulnerable.
That is our human nature.

You cannot make a human bullet proof.

But you can accept your own vulnerability.

If you can allow this human person to be completely as it is
with all of its pains and hurts,
then separation can dissolve and you realize
the essence of what you are.

It is only when you try and protect  this sense of 'me'
through a position, through maintaining you are right,
through arrogance, violence, bitterness
escaping the moment, putting others down, building yourself up,
that life becomes a hell.
Because in this resistance, you have separated yourself from life.

But when you allow the person 
to be completely open and vulnerable to life,
then that appearance of solidity dissolves.

You drop right through this idea of yourself
into pure consciousness.

That is when you become air,
you realize you are the nothingness that is pure peace.

And this peace that you are is always here, always present.

Then it is simply a matter of resting your attention
in this peace, in being in nothingness.

Accepting your own mortality & vulnerablility
will help you realize that which you are which is immortal.

Much love,


Being in Nothingness in Meditation

being in nothingness

Please Note:

In Order to Awaken into The Experience of Being Nothingness in Meditation, It is Necessary to Receive Shaktipat, the Energy that Awakens You into Enlightenment.

In the past, you could only receive Shakti from an enlightened Guru.  But because of breakthroughs in sound recording, you can now receive Shakti through sound. 

The CDs Pure, Infinite Sky  & The Calling transmit Shakti.  So simply by listening to the meditation music on these CDs, you are awakened into deep states of meditation, bliss and nothingness.  It is that easy.
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In Nothingness There is Pure Peace

"In pure consciousness, there is no 'I.'

There is the absence of any object or subject.

And that is profoundly peaceful; profoundly satisfying.
A feeling of completely being at home.

Yet that peace is not there for a me.
If you bring a 'me' in there to enjoy that peace,
the peace fades.  That 'me' obstructs the peace.

In nothingness, there is pure peace.

You are not a you, you are just peace.
There is just peace.

At another level, everything is arising out of peace,
as peace itself.

The person arises out of that peace.

The natural expression of thoughts, feelings, physical happenings,
the 5 senses are all expressions of peace;
expressions of consciousness.

In this,  everything is felt as a flow of energy, as a flow of bliss.

But the more fixated you become on the person, on the thoughts,
on the content of the happenings,
then you experience a separation from that peace.
You experience conflict.

The more you build yourself up,
the further you feel from peace,
the deeper you move into conflict.

And so you learn in meditation to abide in being nothingness,
in pure consciousness.

You learn to rest as awareness without needing to contract
into being a person, into being a thought.

And then outside of sitting meditation,
you learn to remain surrendered in nothingness.

You learn to perform every action as nothingness.
Every movement becomes empty.

And that emptiness is not desolate,
because pure emptiness is pure peace.

You feel most alive as that emptiness.
Pure satisfaction of just being consciousness.

And it takes a while to get used to such satisfaction
because you have associated satisfaction
with desire, with seeking, gain,
with trying to change, improve, escape.

But the truth is the opposite.
When you have whittled yourself down
to nothing, to just silent awareness,
that is when you feel the greatest bliss.

Much love,

pure peace
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