What is Self Realization


Q: What is self realization?

A: Self Realization could be said to be the realization that you are nothing. That there is nothing here. 

And because there is nothing here, there is only consciousness.  Everything is experienced as one consciousness.

In my experience, it is this emptiness that makes self realization. In emptiness there is pure peace.

It is not that that sense of person is no longer here at all anymore. Personality, thoughts, emotions, physicality remain as they are.  But the sole identification with it as who you are is broken.  You recognize it only exists at the level of identification with thinking. You can move in and out of it as consciousness itself.  But it no longer is a 'something' separate from consciousness.  

Consciousness is the essence.  It is completely free of everything yet it exists as everything.

But as consciousness identifies with thinking, with emotions, then there is a sense of ‘I’ that is born.  Before self realization, that ‘I’ is what you are. It is a feeling of being separate from consciousness, separate from love, separate from everything. And so you are always lacking, always in conflict, always wanting, always resisting. 

You could even say that resisting is synonymous with the feeling of being a separate ‘I.’

But when self realization happens, it is like the bottom falls out and you fall into oblivion, you fall into infinite consciousness itself. You dissolve into pure consciousness, And you recognize that consciousness as everything.  Everything is that emptiness.

Q: What do you mean by emptiness?

When I refer to “emptiness,” I am not referring to some desolate feeling of depression. That emptiness is even free of the sense of a “me” being empty.  Rather, everything is emptiness.   It is pure clarity, pure wakefulness, pure awareness without anything else having to be there.  You realize that emptiness is the source of everything.  

Being a “me” means you are caught up in all your struggles, opinions, desires, worries and distractions. It is who you experience yourself to be. It is a constant feeling of separateness, of resistance. It is impossible to find any lasting peace and love in that. 

But when that sense of "me" as something solid and real is gone, then there is just wakefulness. You are alive as life itself.   You feel free from form, free from boundaries.  

It is hard to describe with words. But this emptiness is pure peace. The peace is not happening to a someone.  It is just pure peace, pure aliveness, pure fulfillment. 

At the backdrop of everything is consciousness. And the nature of consciousness is bliss, peace, love, joy, delight. That is our nature. But because we are fixated on our thoughts to perceive reality, we constantly feel separate from peace.

Q: So you are saying that "me" keeps us from peace. 

A: Not really the "me" itself but our involvement with it; our fixation on it.  That fixation on “me” must be surrendered in order to experience our true nature of unconditional peace, of being pure consciousness. It has to come apart. It has to be seen through. Our obsessive fixation with this sense of “me” seemingly separates us from what we are beyond thinking identification. 

I say seemingly because I can see and feel you as consciousness. It is not an idea, it is as plain as day for me. You are consciousness. You’re just lost in all the thoughts that you impose on top of it.  Which is also consciousness. But because you are involved with the content of it rather than experiencing it for what it really is, then it is all felt as separateness.

Q:  So then it is just to get rid of this "me."

A: You do not have to get rid of it. You can't get rid of it.  You just let it be. Let the thoughts be,  let the emotions be, let the body be. In meditation, you simply stop being involved with it. You stop being lost in the endless commentary, trying to fix things, change things, get things, get rid of things, distract yourself with things.  

When you allow it to be as it is, then your attention naturally expands beyond the sense of a separate "me" it into awareness itself.

Q: How do I stop thinking?

A: You can't forcefully stop thinking. That will just be frustration.

Rather, allow the thinking, but let your attention rest in what is aware of the thinking rather than the content of the thinking.  Relax out of having to perceive this moment with thinking and just rest in the moment. Attention naturally wants to rest in itself.  That is where it feels home so let it rest in itself.

At some point this resting becomes natural.  You are able to rest in your essence.  And there you will naturally move into stillness, thoughts may even stop.    But usually this is difficult at first so you can practice a technique like witnessing the thinking, or resting your attention in the feeling of being that exists prior to thinking. 

If that does not make sense you can simply watch the breath. If your attention is immersed in feeling the breath move in and out of your body, then automatically you are not fixated on thinking and consciousness will begin to reveal itself.  You will start to feel the peace of consciousness.

Q: Which spiritual path is best? Advaita Vedanta? Zen? Kundalini Yoga? Bhakti Yoga?

A: There is no path that is better than the others.  It is just what works for you.  Ultimately, your journey will be very unique to you.  

Q: But if everything is already consciousness, then why do anything?

A:  Only if that is your real and natural experience is that true for you.   Practice is most of the time needed. That pull to be caught up in thinking is very strong. It is not just intellectual. There is a karmic pull to it, like a magnet that binds you.  You have very strong attachments to identifying with certain ideas and objects.  Those attachments must begin to be burned away through spiritual practice.

So it is important to purify the body with healthy eating and exercise. It is important to purify the mind with all of the practices that may include meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, Japa, and most important, sitting with teachers that have attained self realization.

And in doing so, you will automatically come to a point where consciousness will naturally be what you are.  You will not have to do anything to experience it.  It will just be the truth.  Still you may continue practicing after that.  

Q:  Why is it so important to sit with a self realized teacher?

A: When you sit with a self realized teacher that can transmit Shakti, then that Shakti, the energy vibration of pure consciousness gets awakened in you.  Then automatically meditation happens.  The Shakti itself meditates you.  Automatically, you are awakened into bliss. 

Just by sitting with a self realized teacher you feel blissful.  That is because self realization is being given to you in the form of Shakti.

With practices, you are trying to awaken to self realization from the outside in. 

With Shakti, the core of your being is awakened into self realization. The process of self realization starts to happen automatically. 

So Shakti is extremely important. It does not mean you do not need practice on top of it. But it is the Shakti, grace itself that awakens you into self realization. Just meditating on your own without any form of Shakti can be very frustrating. 

Shakti makes it so much easier.  Because the truth is, you as an ego cannot meditate.  You can practice meditation, but at some point through grace, meditation happens.  You are being meditated.

So if you are practicing meditation on your own without Shakti, you can get stuck in the sense of "I am doing it" and that keeps you stuck in the ego.  

With Shakti, meditation naturally happens.

Q:  How do you offer Shakti?

I offer Shakti in 2 ways:

I offer free Shakti Awakening sessions online. You sign up for the session, go online to the link of the web page given on signing up and you can hear me though audio streamed through the website. You can even ask questions via the chat box but it is mainly about sitting together in the bliss. Awakening the Shakti. 

There is a great group of people all around the world that join the session every week.  It is a very loving atmosphere.  It’s very beautiful.

(You can sign up to be notified of upcoming session by filling out the form for the weekly teachings below)

I Also Offer Shakti Transmission through Music. I found a way to record Shakti, the energy vibration of self realization and turn it into sound.   So when you listen to the music, Shakti is being transmitted to you allowing you to experience deep meditation & bliss often immediately.

Thousands of people all over the world now meditate to these Shakti CDs every day with huge
success, huge awakenings. You can meditate to the Shakti CDs, sleep to them, listen to them on trains or buses. Wherever you go, whatever you are doing, just by playing the music you are plugged into bliss consciousness. You can feel the Shakti in the music awakening you into bliss.

Q: Is that like binaural beats? Does it have to do with certain frequencies?

No. It has nothing to do with binaural beats or anything like that. It is actually recording Shakti wit
h very special audio equipment. 

Rather than trying to explain it, it is best go to my website and listen to the samples. That is the easiest way to explain it. You will feel the bliss begin to vibrate in your body just in listening to the samples.  Then you will see this Shakti Music is different from anything else out there.  It is an incredible tool for self realization because you can bring it with you wherever you go and thus always be in bliss.  

Q: How did you discover how to turn Shakti into sound?

A: It fell into my lap. I was working on something completely different and suddenly I did a few things, recorded a few things and then the next thing I know several hours had passed and I was still listening to that 7 minute piece on repeat lost in bliss!. 

With many years of research and using very special audio equipment this "Shakti music" has become incredibly powerful.

This is my passion and my main offering.  To me, this music is sacred, is divine. Not because of anything I do, but because of what is flowing though.  




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After a profound self realization, Kip Mazuy created Infinite Sky, a meditation CD with a unique sound technology that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of meditation, stillness & bliss in the listener. 

While most meditation sound technologies use binaural beats to induce states of meditation, Kip found a miraculous way to turn the actual energetic experience of self realization (Kundalini Shakti) into sound.



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