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Meditation & Surrender

Meditation & Surrender # 1

"In the beginning stages of meditation,
you are in control,you are doing meditation
and this is the way it is supposed to be.

You are awakening the Shakti (subtle energy) or consciousness
until that experience becomes dominant in your awareness.

You are actively awakening
that which is beyond body and mind
until that which is beyond body and mind
becomes a powerful presence
in your day to day experience.

That is then when surrender happens.
Whatever arises in consciousness
gets surrendered back into consciousness.

Whatever thoughts or emotions arise
get surrendered back into consciousness,
you let them go
and like a sacrificial fire, the Shakti burns it all away.

And in that burning, consciousness expands.

Then, in meditation,
you realize at some point that you're in the way.
The sense of me that is separate from everything else,
the sense of me that is in control,
the sense of me with all of its opinions and judgments,
likes and dislikes must go.

It's just not big enough for both you & consciousness.
One of you has got to go.

And there is a pressure there that you feel,
the pressure of this separate sense of "me"
pushing against consciousness,
separating itself from consciousness.

The ego is like a kink in the water hose,
and that pressure builds up behind it.

And this pressure teaches you
how to surrender yourself completely,
how to disappear completely
so that only consciousness is.

Because the pressure is not pleasant,
you recognize there is stress and conflict there
at a very subtle level.

In meditation,
this idea of you at some point is surrendered completely
so that all that is here is consciousness.

Then that pressure is freed and there is bliss,
there is incredible bliss.

But none of this can happen unless the first part happens,
the awakening of the Shakti
or the awakening of consciousness.

That sense of Shakti or consciousness
has to be there,
has to be awakened and nurtured always,
until it becomes so huge
that all that can happen is surrender.

This is one way of looking at it anyway.


meditation surrender

Meditation & Surrender # 2

"In meditation, become vulnerable to this moment.

Let yourself start to feel the sensations of existing
in this moment without separating yourself
from them by defining or describing them.

To do this, the mind must surrender control.
Your attention must stop allowing thoughts and emotions
dictate what is here in this moment.

You allow it all, but you don't give it power anymore.

You don't let the thoughts or emotions define your reality.

Rather you feel this moment through awareness.

You let your mind become soft and open and just let life flow through.

You start to feel the flow of energy that is life in this moment
and you rest your attention in that
like a baby falling asleep in the arms of its mother.

You will start to feel life happening on its own
without you having to do any of it.

It is just flowing.
And in watching this, in giving up all control,
you awaken into something totally new and incredible.

It is not of the personal world although personal experiences
may arise and disappear.

But something immense opens up
and you, as a person disappears into that.

You disappear into pure consciousness and are immersed in wonder.

Consciousness is not something dry and cold.
It is alive and all sorts of things happen which cannot be put into words.

Such an amazing movement of conscious intelligent energy
that is way beyond  our intellectual understanding.

That is why you cannot bring  the intellect into it.
You cannot bring your knowledge and understanding into it.

You have to surrender the mind
and become completely vulnerable
to this moment and let life live through you as that.

It is already what is naturally happening.
It is only when you fight it,
when you separate yourself from it that you feel conflict.

Much love,

meditation surrender

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