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The Secret of Sadhus

When Attention Becomes Whole
"The very nature of ego,
of feeling that you are separate
from everything else is discontentment.

That sense of separation is suffering.

And so we try and  fulfill this discontentment
through adding things to our lives.

Whether it be material things
like a new car, new shoes.

Or a new romance, a new drama,
another child, another television show,
another drink, another drug,
another spiritual concept.

Out of trying to feel more content,
we end up adding and adding
things on top of the discontentment
instead of addressing the discontentment itself.

And the more you add,
the more agitated your mind becomes.
Your attention is pulled in so many directions
that it becomes weak.

That is why the Sadhus renounced everything
to live as simple and solitary as possible.

To remove all of the distractions
so attention itself could become whole.

Because when attention becomes whole,
then it becomes awareness,
and the shakti that arises out of awareness
begins to expand and awaken you
into enlightenment.

But especially in the west
where this is not part of our culture,
it is very difficult to stop acquiring more and more.

Because there is that fear
that all that is really there is discontentment
and so we should add
as much on top of it as we can.

But it is not true.

If you can become aware
and only if you can become
aware of the discontentment
can it dissolve, can separation dissolve
and you can realize what is behind it,
what is behind everything.

And behind everything is unconditional bliss.

Within the silence of being
is unconditional bliss.

And so if you live a life of awareness,
then everything you let go of
gets filled with silence, gets filled with bliss.

The more empty you are
the more bliss fills you up.

I am not saying you should become a renunciant,
but rather to recognize that your essence is bliss,
is supreme love, supreme joy.

And the easiest way to realize this joy
is to have as few distractions in front of it
as possible.

To simplify your life
and only keep the things close to you
that matter the most.

Much love,


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Interview with Kip Mazuy
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