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Teachings on Meditation & Spiritual Enlightenment

In this moment, allow everything to be as it is. 

Allow all outer happenings to be as they are.   And allow all inner happenings to be as they are:  Allow your breathing, allow sensations, allow emotions and allow your thinking. 

Let go of all control, resistance and distraction and just let everything be as it is.  No need to change anything; just let it be and relax.  Close your eyes if it helps.

As you allow everything to be as it is, notice that everything is happening on its own.  Breathing is happening on its own.  Thinking is happening on its own.  Emotions are happening on their own.  Sensations are happening on their own.  You are not doing any of it, it is all simply happening.

When you allow this happening, when you allow everything to be as it is without your input or control, you are immediately free from all stress and conflict.  Immediately you experience peace.  You let go of the wheel and the car is driving itself.  When you see the car is driving itself, you can relax.  There is freedom just in this.

Notice this peace now.  You are allowing everything to be as it is and all stress disappears.  In surrendering your need to control or distract yourself from this moment, you are surrendering stress.

The second thing you might notice in this allowing is all of the individual happenings blur into one happening.  Breathing, thinking, feeling, sounds, they are all felt as one happening. 

Your thoughts will tell you there are all sorts of little individual things happening, but if you feel into it rather than think about it, you will feel there is just one happening; one being.   You experience the one that is animating everything.  Existence simply is.  

The First Step to Spiritual Enlightenment Is to Realize That Existence Simply Is.  There Is The Subtle Feeling that Everything is One Self-Radiant Being. 

Spiritual enlightenment may start just with noticing it within yourself, the sense of “I am,” the sense of impersonal being.   You may even start with self inquiry or silently repeating “I am” with every breath to help bring your attention to this feeling of being.  Not you are a person, or you are a seeker or you are anything at all but you simply are. 

And as you rest in this experience of being, eventually this experience of inner being is felt as the same outer being. 

If you allow all of the happenings within yourself to be as they are in this moment and allow all of the outward happenings to be as they are in this moment, then all happenings merge into the same happening, the same is-ness.  

You come to the realization that everything is.  It is all the same is-ness.  

You can feel this in this moment.  You can you sense it.   Fully allow everything to be as it is in this moment and notice the feeling that you are and that everything is.  There is no separation between the two.   It is the same is-ness; the same being. 

As you let your attention rest into this feeling of being, you will find that being is conscious, in fact, it is consciousness itself.  If you feel into it deeper, you will find it is also bliss.  It is radiant joy.  And thus everything at its essence is of the same bliss, peace and love.

Don't try and think your way into it or understand it.  That won’t work.  Because it is your involvement with thinking that separates you from everything. 

In thinking, everything has a definition.   And these definitions separate you from everything else.  When you call a tree a tree, it becomes something separate from you.  So as soon as you get involved with perceiving this moment through thinking, everything is felt as separate. 

So allow thinking, but relax the need to perceive this moment through thinking.  Just allow everything to be and there will be a subtle feeling of is-ness underneath it. 

In resting in this is-ness, you fall deeper into it and its infinite vastness.  It burns away all of your unhappiness and attachments and everything else that hides your true nature so that bliss itself is revealed to be what you are and what everything is.  You will realize that everything is consciousness.  Everything is one.  (continued below)
Spiritual Enlightenment Definition: 
There are three aspects of spiritual enlightenment. 

One could be said to be the realization of what you are beyond the mind.  Or rather, it is the realization of what you are not.  This sense of being a "me" as a solid, limited thing separate from everything else crumbles.  The idea that you are your thoughts, desires, fears, emotions falls away into the infinite consciousness that is the essence of everything. 

You feel and experience yourself as formless consciousness, as everything is experienced as this same formless consciousness.  It all becomes one.  Everything is felt to be made out of formless consciousness.

People make sculptures out of sand.  They make dolphins, mermaids, castles but it is all made of sand.  In the same way, everything is felt to be made of consciousness.  The boundaries that seemed to separate you from everything else are blurred to the point where you cannot tell where you end and something else begins. 

Then what is left is your natural state of unconditional peace, love and joy.  You still have thoughts and emotions just as you did before, but the essence of all of it is formless peace. 

When you realize  it, you will see why it is called your natural state- because it feels pure, free and simply put, the way you naturally are beyond your identification with your mind.

The second aspect of spiritual enlightenment is energy.  This energy of pure consciousness, felt as peace, bliss and love begins to radiate through you.  It begins to permeate your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your breath, your actions.  You become full of light, radiating light, radiating bliss, thus the definition "spiritual enlightenment."

The third aspect is love.  There is a devotional experience that naturally occurs.  You feel a sense of deep love and connection to God/Guru/Presence, whatever it is for you.  You fall madly in love with it.  Perhaps this aspect is the most blissful of the three.  It brings unfathomable joy and ecstasy.

Spiritual Enlightenment is not a change in your mental or intellectual perception, it is an energetic shift and awakening that happens at the very depth of your being.  You cannot simply think your way into it.  Something happens at the level of energy that completely transforms you.

If you ever had the opportunity to sit with a fully enlightened master, you know that just by sitting in their presence, automatically, you experienced deep, blissful states of meditation.  Regardless of the words spoken, something much deeper happened. 
Enlightenment for that period of time, seemed to be automatically awakened inside you just by sitting in their presence.

And if you could remain in such enlightened presence, everything  that keeps you from experiencing the truth begins to dissolve, until this presence, this peace and bliss becomes what you are.

But most westerners are uncomfortable with having a "Guru" or simply don't have the time or option to find someone who is fully enlightened and can transmit such presence to them on a daily basis.

This is why I have developed Audio CDs that transmit such enlightened presence to you.  Through very special audio equipment, I record this energy vibration of enlightenment often called "shaktipat," "kundalini shakti," or "deeksha" and turn it into sound.  This enables you to experience enlightened states of awareness & bliss often within minutes which you probably could not have experienced after decades of practice on your own. 

I often get the question "Can't I just do it on my own?"  

And the question is, why would you want to struggle on your own for years when you could begin to experience it now?  In fact the very attempt to "do it on my own" can often reinforce the ego, the sense of being a separate doer.

Too many people seeking freedom end up stuck in their ideas and knowledge about enlightenment.  Their ideas and knowledge end up being a hindrance to their awareness rather than being helpful.  But this enlightened energy passes awakens you at the very core of your being.  It awakens you from the inside out.

Simply by playing one of these CDs,  a true state of enlightened awareness is awakened in you, beyond any teaching or belief system.

I am not here to tell you that these CDs are the only way to Spiritual Enlightenment.  But I am inviting you to have a listen to some of the samples and see for yourself.  
Because if have a listen to the samples and read some of the testimonials from people who meditate to the CDs, you will probably find like so many others that this music can change your life.  These CDs have already awakened so many to unconditional peace and can awaken the same peace and bliss in you.  Even just by listening to the samples.
spiritual enlightenment
spiritual enlightenment
If You Are New to Meditation or Want to Try a Single CD with The Shakti Sound Technology: Try Ocean Euphoric. 

It comes with a book that easily explains to you what is awareness & how to meditate.

meditation CD
The Newest Meditation CDs with The Latest Shakti Sound Technology is The Pure Shakti 5 CD set:

It is currently our best seller
& comes with tons of bonuses including guided meditations, breathing & chanting techniques

The Infinite Sky Meditation CDs for Spiritual Enlightenment are also very poplular

shakti energy
If You Prefer to Meditate in Silence but Would Still Like to Have the Shakti Transmission,
Try Shakti Silence

By listening to the CDs, Shakti is awakened in you.  Often it is felt as a vibration of peace or bliss.  Just by letting your attention rest in the feeling of bliss, the bliss itself awakens you into deep meditation.  Then it is just allowing, allowing yourself to experience what is here in this moment, without judging it, or defining it, or describing it,  just simply feeling it.

Proven thousands of times over, these CDs will awaken in you your true nature of unconditional peace, bliss & love, making the whole process of spiritual transformation much easier.

I also offer free online Shakti Awakening Meditations/Satsangs.  It is best if you are already  meditating with the CDs before joining a session as you will get much more out of the sessions but everyone is welcome.  Sign up to receive the free meditation teachings above to be notified of upcoming sessions.

Spiritual Enlightenment Quotes: 

Below are tons of teachings on meditation & spiritual enlightenment that you might find helpful.

If you have any sincere questions about meditation or spiritual awakening you are welcome to contact me and I will be happy to help if I can.
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