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Spiritual Awakening Quotes

Spiritual Awakening Quotes #1

Spiritual Freedom Comes When You Value Presence The Most

"When you value presence more than anything else
then you are free.

Whether you experience presence
as consciousness, awareness, silence,
as stillness, as energy, as love, bliss or peace,

when you value that above everything else,
not your belief in it but your actual immersion in it,
then that is true freedom
and nothing can really bring you down anymore.

It is only when you value other things more
that there is trouble.

And I am not talking about renunciation,
but rather, where you place your importance.

If you value your car more than awareness
and your car breaks down then you are miserable.

You experience the separation of you and the world
and all the problems that brings.

But if you value awareness more than anything,
then when your car breaks down,
it all just happens in awareness,
it all happens in the oneness of the moment.
It does not create conflict.

When you value bliss more than anything,
then you are in a love affair with bliss
and if your car breaks down, then bliss is still there,
you still remain in and as bliss.

The mind may still grumble a bit
but it does not affect the bliss
because you have placed bliss above everything else.

Perhaps it even increases the bliss.

And that all encompassing bliss takes care of you.

You give yourself over to peace completely
and then peace becomes your life.

Everything arises out of peace; everything exists in that peace.
There is no conflict in it.

And not only that, but the peace actually supports you
and guides you through feeling.

It gently moves you in the right direction
so that peace is always deepening,
so that life becomes more free and easy.

It is only when you place your importance on other things
that you become separate from peace.

When you place your importance
on your opinions and ideals, your intellect,
your attachments, your seeking gratification,
your desire to have things be a certain way,

these type of things  separate you from consciousness,
separate you from being alive in this moment,
from being free in this moment.

Again, spiritual awakening comes down to attention,
where you are placing your attention in this moment.

You give your attention fully
to consciousness in this moment
then you are free.

It can't be an ultimatum of what you promise to do in the future.
But in love, you give yourself over to this moment
and everything else gets taken care of.

Much love,

spiritual awakening quotes

Spiritual Awakening Quotes #2

The Fundamental Practice for Spiritual Awakening

"In my experience, the fundamental spiritual practice is to fully allow this
moment to be.

Not to control the thoughts, but allow thinking to be.
Not to repress feelings/sensations, but allow all feelings/sensations to be.

Without obsessing over them, owning them; without dramatizing and
without control.

It's is a free flowing of what is.

And in the fully allowing of it, your attention is free from identifying with it.
Attention is released from its attachment  to the personal 'me'
and steps back into pure awareness leaving that personal 'me'
which is nothing but thoughts, emotions and physical happenings
to continue as it wants unhindered.

But now it is all happening in and as consciousness.  It all gets blurred into one.

It requires you to be soft, sensitive, honest and humble.

But in the full allowing of what is to be, the naturalness of this moment
is free to play itself outand in that freedom, its essence of peace is revealed.

You realize that this peace is everything and everything is made of this peace.

Much love,

spiritual awakening quotes

The most important factor to spiritual awakening is to receive Kundalini Shaktipat,
the energy that awakens you into deep meditation & enlightenment.

Usually Shakti is transmitted by the presence of an Enlightened Guru
but it now can also be transmitted through sound.

By meditating to CDs like  Pure, Infinite Sky or The Calling CDs
you receive Shakti and automatically begin to experience deep meditation & bliss.  Just by letting your attention rest in this bliss, spiritual awakening happens.
bliss consciousness
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Spiritual Awakening Quotes #4

The Essence of All Spiritual Practices

"If you really live deeply in spiritual practice then this moment can be intense.

Moment to moment, life is shaking you out of what you know;
shaking you out of everything that is comfortable.

So much so that all you can do is surrender to this moment.

All you can do is allow everything to be as it is and fall deeply into impersonal being.

It is in this that deep transformation happens; spiritual awakening happens.

It is in this that you really realize that you exist beyond everything.

That you are the personal yet you are completely beyond the personal.

The intensity of the Shakti pushes you beyond yourself and you learn
to remain surrendered in this intensity with great silence, great humility
as consciousness itself.

So do not be afraid to let yourself be in such intensity.

It may be challenging, but if you run away from that challenge
back into everything you know and what is comfortable, you will miss it.

Because it is in this intensity that you feel the most alive.

There is some part of you that recognizes that this is the doorway to your freedom.


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spiritual awakening quotes
Spiritual Awakening Quotes #4

Surrendering to The Intensity of Spiritual Awakening

"One can end up wasting too much time considering and judging
all the different paths & spiritual practices.

What matters most is the attention you give to a particular practice,
not the spiritual practice itself.

Whether you immerse yourself in the breath, in a mantra, in self inquiry
in witnessing etc., it is that immersion that is important;
that giving your full attention to the practice.

What the ego feels about it or thinks about it is not important.
We are not here to serve the ego and its endless judgments
but rather to go beyond it.

And the only thing we have that goes beyond it is attention.

And once that attention is free of being involved with the ego,
then already, attention begins to realize the delight of itself.
Already you begin to feel that goodness that is at the essence of this moment.

Whether you do that through the breath, through mantra,
through witnessing, through self inquiry does not matter.
It is that bliss that matters.

And that bliss reveals itself in all spiritual practices
where there is the genuine and humble giving of yourself to the practice.

Try to turn it into a business transaction 'I'll give this for this much in return'
will not work.

Trying to force it with control will not work.
It has to be a giving, an offering.  There has to be patience and dedication.

You may not need to do anything at all.

If you are able to rest your attention in that nondoing, in that non-effort,
in pure surrender the goodness is revealed.

It may take some time to feel the bliss that is at the essence.
You may have to burn through a lot of identifications with various thoughts
before you begin to feel the bliss.

Or, you may feel the bliss instantly.

But just in that offering your attention, you free yourself from the confines
of your own web of personal insanity.

Because it is all insanity.

Any holding on to a particular idea, desire, worry, belief or opinion
at the expense of separating yourself from peace is insanity.

Releasing your attention from your own self involvement
into what is really here is freedom.

Much love,


Spiritual Awakening Quotes #5

Pushing Yourself Beyond The "Me."

"One of the reasons we do spiritual practice is to push our attention
beyond this sense of 'me.'

You do a little meditation, get a little Shakti, and you will find a little peace
without upsetting your sense of 'me' too much.

And perhaps that is enough for most. That is perfectly fine.

But you can also intensify your spiritual practice beyond what is comfortable.

You can increase your meditation, and other practices, increase the amount of Shakti,
so that you feel that energy pushing you beyond what is comfortable for you 24/7.

You can bring up the intensity so that you are always having to surrender
yourself to this moment in every moment.

The energy can become so strong that you have to get out of the way
because there is no room for both the selfish 'me' and awareness.

That is one way: to intensify your practice to the point where there is no room
for this me.

Because if you really look at society, it is built around constantly engaging the 'me;'
constantly distracting ourselves from this moment.

Because somewhere it has been recognized that being alive in this moment
is too intense so we have created a world where we can hide from it.

A main part of modern technology is distracting ourselves from this moment,
entertaining us so that we never have to realize what is here in this moment.

But when you turn the whole thing upside down where you are completely
immersed in the moment, when your spiritual practice & the Shakti
has become so intense that you are forever pushed into the now,
constantly having to surrender this me to the immense power of Shakti,
then transformation can happen very quickly.

Bliss becomes so strong you can feel it annihilating your ego.

It's not easy, but it's one hell of a ride.

Much love,


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Spiritual Awakening Quotes on Meditation, spiritual practices and spritual freedom
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