Learning the Art of Surrender


"If you want to learn surrender,
then the next time 
you are caught out in the rain
without a raincoat or umbrella,
rather than run for shelter,
allow yourself to get wet.

You will be very aware
of the resistance to getting wet,
that instinctual urge 
to run for shelter,
the sense of 'me'
that wants to protect itself.

This is what
must be surrendered
in order to stay out in the rain.

When this resistance
is surrendered,
and you allow yourself
to fully feel the experience
of being soaked,
then there is a sense of freedom
from yourself that carries with it 
a sense of deep 
unfathomable peace.

It has nothing to do
with liking the rain
or not liking the rain.

Rather, it is letting go
of the one that likes
or doesn't like,
the one that separates
itself from the rain in the first place.

And when you do that
you are simply left 
with what is.

There is no you
and what is,
there is simply what is.

And the experience
of what is
is peace,
is delight.

It is completely
open and vulnerable
and complete
in itself.

If you apply
this experience
of being in the rain
to any situation,
any emotion,
then there will be
incredible freedom.

It has nothing to do 
with the particular experience,

rather it is about
letting go of the one
that separates itself
from experience,
letting go of the one
that tries to control 
the experience.

Because it is that separation
that creates all conflict.




Please Note:

The easiest & fastest way to experience deep meditation & unconditional peace is by receiving Shakti, the energy that awakens you into enlightenment.

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