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Surrender Quotes # 1

Learning the Art of Surrender

"If you want to learn surrender,
then the next time you are caught out in the rain
without a raincoat or umbrella,
rather than run for shelter, allow yourself to get wet.

You will be very aware
of the resistance to getting wet,
that instinctual urge to run for shelter,
the sense of 'me' that wants to protect itself.

This is what must be surrendered
in order to stay out in the rain.

When this resistance is surrendered,
and you allow yourself to fully feel the experience of being soaked,
then there is a sense of freedom from yourself that carries with it
a sense of deep unfathomable peace.

It has nothing to do with liking the rain or not liking the rain.

Rather, it is letting go of the one that likes or doesn't like,
the one that separates itself from the rain in the first place.

And when you do that you are simply left with what is.

There is no you and what is, there is simply what is.

And the experience of what is is peace, is delight.

It is completely open and vulnerable
and complete in itself.

If you apply this experience of being in the rain
to any situation, any emotion,
then there will be incredible freedom.

It has nothing to do with the particular experience,

rather it is about letting go of the one
that separates itself from experience,
letting go of the one that tries to control the experience.

Because it is that separation that creates all conflict.



Surrender Quotes: 
Quotes on Surrender in Meditation

surrender quotes
Surrender Quotes # 2

Meditation is Surrendering into What Is

"Throughout the day
there are all sorts of little pains that come up.

Things that don't go  the way we think they should,
certain memories may arise that affect us,
fear of being in new situations.

All of these things may hurt a little.
Not a physical hurt like a bruise but an inner bruise.
It is the ego that gets bruised.

And so we all have found ways
around experiencing these inner bruises
through alcohol, drugs, sugar, junk food,
distractions like television and social media.
These are just a few ways
we manage to numb ourselves from all these little hurts.

And then we have the mental ways
we avoid feeling these hurts:
blaming them on something or someone,
trying to justify them, trying to analyze them,
placing some positive self-help saying on top of them.

But if we let go of all of these habits, distractions and mental manipulations
then we become vulnerable to everything that arises.

We are faced with experiencing life as it is.

And very quickly in this, we learn awareness.
By allowing the hurts and surrendering to what is,
that sense of ego and separation dissipates.

Just by being fully present with all the happenings in the day,
little by little  the limiting confines of what we think we are
get broken down and we begin to feel our true nature of peace.

We begin to feel the pure awareness  that we are in this moment.

Much love,

surrender meditation
Surrender Quotes # 3

Living in Total Surrender

This Quote is from a live satsang. 
You can hear it by playing the youtube video on the right

"If you live as surrender itself, then you live in perfect peace.

If you leave that surrender, then you are becoming something;
you are becoming a someone.

Then that someone needs to defend itself;
needs to have a position;
needs to be right and make others wrong;
has desires, has needs, has fears that need to be fulfilled.

So as a person, the mind is constantly figuring out
how to manipulate this moment.

But when you live as total surrender,
there's nobody here to defend.
There's nobody here to manipulate this moment;
to make this moment different than it is.

When you are nothing and you rest as that nothing,
then you are not nothing  in the sense of a void
that is empty of feeling but rather a void that is full of feeling.

It's just the pure vibration of peace.

There's nobody there to attain something.
There is nothing needed  or missing or wanting.

It's just pure delight.
The vibration of innocent joy.

And that same joy,
that same consciousness, that same nothingness
looks through everybody's eyes
and manifests as everything.

Much love,

surrender quotes
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Surrender quotes: quotes on meditation, surrender & total surrender
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