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Finally! Meditation Music Proven
to Awaken You into Deep Meditation & Bliss

Why Are The Bliss Music Meditation CDs So Effective?

         We have taken one of the most ancient and proven eastern secrets to meditation (Shaktipat) and turned it into the most powerful sound technology available.

So when you listen to CDs like Pure, Infinite Sky or The Calling, you can actually feel the peace & bliss in the meditation music vibrating in your body, allowing you to easily experience states of meditation you may not have been able to attain in decades of practice on your own.
      Kip Mazuy is a world renown spiritual teacher & has been one of the leading composers of meditation music for over 23 years.

Because he records the music in high states of meditation & samadhi, you experience the same peace & bliss while listening to the meditation music. 

These meditation CDs are a must for anyone seriously looking to deepen their meditation, seeking spiritual awakening, practicing yoga or simply wanting more peace & relaxation in their lives.
"For Anyone Who Has a Desire to Grasp The Meaning of The Word 'Bliss,'
Listen to Kip Mazuy's Meditation Music.

It keeps taking me deeper and deeper where I melt into my own love. A place without fear and pain where peace is the oxygen I breathe. "              

(Jitka Slamova)
Newest Release & Best Seller!
Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music
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"A must if you are looking to deepen your meditation, yoga practice or on the path to spiritual awakening & enlightenment."
Infinite Sky
Meditation Music with its own Unique Shakti Vibrations  for Deep Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Awakening
Meditation Music with The Latest Shakti Sound Technology

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"I just received The Infinite Sky CD a couple of weeks ago, and all I can say is WOW!

I thought Ocean Euphoric was great and it is, but Infinite Sky at least for me takes it to a whole new level."

(Dennis McLeskey, USA)
Ocean Euphoric
meditation cd
If You Are New to Meditation or Want to Try a Single CD with The Shakti Sound Technology:
Ocean Euphoric CD & Book
Comes with a book that teaches you very simply & clearly how to meditate.
"Ocean Euphoric is one of the most wonderful things money can buy!
It's nurtured me deeply and sometimes when I listen to it, it gets irresistible for me to be absorbed into the gap of silence with intoxicating bliss."
(Haysan Hirasawa, Japan)
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It's As Close As I Can Describe to Being in The Presence of God, the Energy of All That is.
Just feel like I want to bow my head to this amazing energy."
(Rosa Villegas, CA, USA)
"Sometimes I sit for what felt like a few minutes yet a few hours pass & I keep hitting the play button over & over.
I am so amazed at you and your work. "
(James Sinclair, Canada)
Shakti Silence
If You Prefer to Meditate in Silence & Still Want the Shakti Transmission,
Try Shakti Silence
Which CD Is Right For You?
Choose One of The Following Options Below:
Experience Profound States of Deep Meditation & Bliss
63 minutes of silent Shakti Transmission plus 4 tracks of meditation music (over 30 minutes each) with their own unique Shakti sound vibrations.
"Your new CD's are Phenomenal!!!
After listening I notice when looking at objects and the surrounding environment everything takes on such a soft wonderful blissful sweet full of nectar appearance." 
(Louis Delmar, USA)
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The Calling
The Calling CDs
for Meditation & Awakening
With so many different meditation tracks to choose from, from a 5 minute track designed to bring the energy up your spine to a 60 minute track for long soothing deep meditation.  The Calling carries its own unique shakti vibrations, a favorite among many.
"Not sure what you have done here with "The Calling", but WOW! 
It's an instant bath of stillness. The body vibrates as peace, instantly. How you can put this on a round piece of plastic (CD) is boggling. Thank-you!"
(Jacki Griep, DE, USA)
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Music For Deep Meditation:  Each of these CD sets below carry their own unique Shakti Sound Vibrations for deep meditation, yoga & spiritual awakening.  You will experience that each set of these CDs awaken you into deep meditation & peace in their own unique way.
Meditation Music By Kip Mazuy
Nurture your mind & body
Contains an exotic mixture of lush choirs, Indian, Tibetan and Operatic Samples, voice and quiet piano mixed among ethereal textures and natural sounds of New Zealand.  
Track 1: Vichara
Track 2: Nurturance
Track 3: India
Track 4: Where We Disappear as One
Track 5: Repose
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The Sweet Nectar of Silence
The Sweet Nectar of Silence
Meditation Music By Kip Mazuy
Enjoy the sensual beauty of piano, choirs, gregorian chants and natural sounds of New Zealand.  Be prepared to be caressed into a state of peace.
"The Sweet Nectar of Silence has my vote for relaxation album of the year."
(Paul Watson, Rainbow News Magazine)
"Kip's Soundscape is gentle, subtle & pastoral.  It is easy to embrace.  The electronics are warm and embracing.  The flow is languid and peaceful.  It is a superb CD."
(Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions Magazine)
Track 1: A Sensual Dawn
Track 2: I Am Free
Track 3: Love is Surrender
Track 4: And Now I See
Track 5: A Shower of Blessing
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Price:  US$25 Plus $4 Shipping Ordering Outside New Zealand: 

NZ$35.00 Free Shipping Ordering Inside New Zealand: 
Don't be fooled by illegal MP3s of Bliss Music on the internet, they are fake and will do more harm than good by listening to them.  Only if you order directly from our website is it the real Bliss Music CD.
Now is Forever
Now is Forever
Beautiful Sound
Elements of Ecstasy
Meditation Music By Kip Mazuy
A soothing journey into your true nature of peace with Indian Bansuri Flute, lush voices, a favorite for meditation.  The title track "Now is Forever" was featured on Eckhart Tolle's CD, "Music to Quiet the Mind"
Track 1: Love and Devotion
Track 2: Now is Forever
Track 3: No Water No Moon
Track 4: Silk
Track 5: Soothe
"Kip is a master of meditative sound design. 
'Now is Forever' is a landmark of introspective excellence!"
(Ambient Visions Magazine)
"Kip Mazuy has a knack for layering and juxtaposing sounds in a way, which produces a feeling of both the very ancient past and the immediate now.  This is Mazuy at his masterful best."
(In Touch Magazine)
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Meditation Music By Kip Mazuy
Meditation Music By Kip Mazuy
Beautiful Sound
A favorite among musicians for it's quiet meditation mix of ambient piano, Gregorian Chants, choir and nature sounds.

Re-Mastered in 2008 with a light version of the Shakti Sound Technology-Blissful!
"If an album ever lived up to its title, its this one. 
Mazuy indeed creates beautiful meditation music"
(Rainbow News)
"These are peace producing, meditation inducing sounds supremo!"
(In Touch Magazine)
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Track 1: Water Falling
Track 2: Windy Mountain
Track 3: Sanctuary
Track 4: Sweet Stillness
Track 5: Cathedral
Elements of Ecstasy
Minimal, soft and soothing Meditation Music
"If you buy one CD this year, Elements of Ecstasy should be at the top of your list"
(Rainbow News)
"Elements of Ecstasy is a superbly soothing CD. 
A most sublime meditation experience"
(In Touch Magazine)
Price: Outside New Zealand: US$25 Plus $4 Shipping

Inside New Zealand: NZ$35.00 Free Shipping
Price: Outside New Zealand: US$25 Plus $4 Shipping

Inside New Zealand: NZ$35.00 Free Shipping
Price: Outside New Zealand: US$25 Plus $4 Shipping

Inside New Zealand: NZ$35.00 Free Shipping
Price: Outside New Zealand: US$25 Plus $4 Shipping

Inside New Zealand: NZ$35.00 Free Shipping
Track 1: Rapture
Track 2: Water on Rocks
Track 3: I Can Hear the Moon Rising
Track 4: The Simple Blackness
 "I ordered another CD for me since I have played it until it has almost dematerialized.  I cannot thank you enough again for your wonderful inspiring music.  It touches my soul.  

(Gina Reavis, Writer, Tenn., USA)
It has greatly enhanced my spirituality 100-fold."
Why Pay Full Price for 1 CD When You Can Save $31.00 by Buying All 4 CDs? 
Buy The Bliss Music 4 CD Pack:
meditation cds
Almost 4 hours of musical bliss for you to enjoy: 


"The Sweet Nectar of Silence"
"Now is Forever"
"Beautiful Sound"
"Elements of Ecstasy"
Only US$69.95 for mp3 Downloads
or US$84.95 for CDs!
Free Shipping! 
Only for a limited time! 

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"'Reverence', that is what this music makes me feel.
Interview with Kip Mazuy
Meditative Music for Relaxation
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"For over 20 years I have been interested in silent ambient sounds. I very much enjoyed the music of Brian & Roger Eno,  Danna & Tim Clément, Jonn Serrie, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach,  Anugama and many others. However, the more I¹m involved in these sounds, the more I¹m confronted with a very small choice and time is passing until you find something really new.

After having been attracted by your music which I have found accidentally(?) in a catalogue I visited your homepage and  hardly believed what I heard.

Rarely music touched my heart that deeply: so fine, so deep, so warm­ so beautiful.

I thank you for your music from the depth of my heart"

"I just wanted to say how much I love your music and how beneficial it has been to all of my clients. 

When I listen to Beautiful Sound I experience a shift in the entire room.  At different times, depending on the client, I have experienced a completely different manifestation of energy movement with your CD. 

Your music has made my work deeper and fuller as well as opened my awareness to a different level of participation. For your work, I am so grateful.  For it has touched my life and those of my clients. 

Thank you."


"Thank you very much for the CD.
It is truly a divine piece of art.  As I'm listening to it, it feels like the ocean is taking me away into it's magnificence. 

The flow in it is really soft and powerful at the same time, and the colours are very bright.  Amazingly Inspiring"  

Dear Kip!

Thank you so much for the wonderful music.

Beautiful, beautiful. My heart fills with stillness and love."

"I listen to a lot of meditation CDs, and yours seems to do something different. Yours seems to get quieter and subtler as the music progresses, without losing any of the detail, resolution, or subtlety of the music.

The result is, it takes the mind to an increasingly subtler and quieter place. Sort of like musical TM, if you know how their technique works. I find this amazing, and unique in the meditation CD world.

Congratulations, you have impressed a critical listener."


"Thanks for the CDs!  We have really been enjoying them. 

Your music really transmits divine energy. I was playing your CD the other day in our bookstore, and when yours came on (we have a 5cd changer) my friend Janis immediately turned the volume up, 'What IS this, it's really powerful!' she loved it. 

PS: My cat always goes to lie down by the stereo when we play it!"

"Hi Kip,  My name is Petra and I absolutely love your music!! 

It takes me into a deep meditative place very quickly"

"Your CD is a knock out!-
especially if one considers that I normally listen
to fat sopranos."

"Your CDs are so beautiful.  I am going to give Eckhart Tolle the Now is
Forever CD. He will love it. "

What More Customers Say about the Bliss Music Meditation Music

(Katie Davis, Spiritual Teacher, WA, USA)
(Julie, NY, USA)
(Petra, Hawai)
(Chandira Hensey, WA., USA)
(Klaus, Germany)
(Annette, Therapist,  NC USA)
(Ekarasa Pram, Artist, New Zealand)
(Pernilla C.  Sweden)
(Jim, Pasadena, CA USA)
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Music for Light Meditation & Relaxation:  The Following meditation CDs contain shorter, more musical tracks of meditative music for relaxation, light meditation & yoga.  They either have very light or no Shakti sound technology.  They are beautiful just for listening and enjoyment.
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