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Wide Awake Awareness:
The Joy of Being Nobody

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"It's a lot of effort to be a somebody;
a lot of stress.

You have to keep reinforcing the idea to yourself and others
that you are a somebody.

You have to defend your position, 
your opinions, your beliefs, your accomplishments.

You have to keep remembering your worries and desires; 
always planning and manipulating so you can
have it the way you think it should be.

You have to be that somebody to everyone around you.
And perhaps a slightly different somebody
to each person around you.

It's exhausting.

But what happens if you stop maintaining the sense
that you are a somebody?

Then you are just a nobody.

And that is the last thing we are supposed to be in our culture.

Yet, what happens when you are nobody?

You don't have to be a certain way.
You don't have to maintain an image.
You have nothing to defend, no position to hold,
no idea of yourself to reinforce, no self importance, 
no need for life to be a certain way.

If You Really Let Yourself Be Nobody, You Are Free.

(and that does not mean adding
a sense of nobody on top of what is here,
it just means to stop identifying yourself
with being a somebody, or more simply,
stop being so involved with your thinking,)

Just be simple, and quiet and rest in this moment
without grabbing on to thoughts.

The sense of being nobody is just that:
there is no definition of you,
no idea of what you are to hold on to.

You are just free to be as you are.
And that is not a thing or a person.
It is just being awake in this moment; awake awareness.

Then there is just consciousness.
Not your idea or knowledge of consciousness,
not you holding on to consciousness,
just consciousness; wide awake awareness; completely free.

There is great relief in this; incredible peace.

You will feel alive in a way you could not
when you were a someone.
You will feel you are life itself 
radiating this moment.

Much love,

awake awareness

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