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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the direct experience of bliss (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation very quickly.

Thousands of People Have Experienced Incredible States of Meditation, Bliss &  Nondual Consciousness While Meditating to His CDs Like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" &  "Shakti Silence."

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But when I go walking I experience life itself. I feel the one life that is the
essence of everything.   And this is deeply nourishing.

I like to park along a lagoon, where the birds are singing their evening song,
walk the bridge over the stream that flows into the ocean and marsh
where ducks and Pukekoes wander about searching for food.  

Then I walk a beautiful wooden walkway that goes between beach houses,
and wind blown bushes and trees.  I cross the road and walk over the
sand dunes on to a wild west coast beach of the Tasman sea; the
cool wind blowing off the sea and filling my lungs with air that has travelled
miles over the ocean. 

I see all of these things, experience all of these things but from the place of non dual consciousness, the essence of life.  It is all one and I feel them, experience them from that oneness. 

It is not that I cannot differentiate anything in the mind.  It is that my attention rests in its natural place of oneness, the essence of life and from there I feel everything existing in and as this one peace.  I am not doing this attention. Non dual consciousness simply is.  It is completely fulfilling.  No stress or conflict exists in it.

This peace has a pure feeling to it, not in a moral sense but of a transparent sense, like a clear, fresh mountain stream.  It is pure and formless.   It exists perfectly transcendent of everything as infinite, pure peace and fully awake as non dual consciousness.

My entire being rests in and as this oneness and from there I experience
everything, feel everything as one peace.  I can feel the enjoyment of the
surfers riding the waves, the seagulls ridge soaring over the cliffs,
the joy of the dogs running on the beach.  But it is all coming out of one joy.

I love dogs because most dogs have so much joy they can hardly contain it. 
And coming in contact with them, you can feel their joy.  Sometime it splashes
all over you.  And they can sense your joy too.  They sense everything because
they have no intellect  to separate them from feeling.  Love is their natural

It all exists as one peace.  Everything is moving and playing and existing
as the one peace.  I am also existing, walking and breathing as this one peace.  

What I am in that is not separate from the peace, the sense of being a separate me has been relaxed and therefore I can rest as peace itself, non dual consciousness itself.  But it is not impersonal, there can be thoughts or emotions and physical happenings but they are simply arising as the play of this peace.  Nothing is separate from peace.  It is all one.

This experience has nothing to do with emotion or thoughts or beliefs.  It is transcendent of that.  It is untouched by everything yet everything is made of it.

When I am in this oneness, I have no walls to protect myself from the things around me.  I am wide open yet everything that comes into me in the form of vibration returns to this essential oneness; gets reset back into peace.  I can feel it happen.

But nature itself vibrates closer to this peace than most humans because it exists in harmony with the non dual consciousness that is everything.  So when I go walking in nature, I am with family.  I am with friends.  The trees, the animals, the wind, the ocean, they are my home.  They welcome me back into the essential oneness that is our true nature. 
non dual consciousness
I always go for a walk in the afternoon.  No matter how much work I have, I always go for a walk.  A walk is more important than work.   Walking meditation brings me back to what is real.  Web statistics are not real.  Google algorithms are not real.  Those things only exist in thinking.
walking meditation
mindful walking