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4 Stillness Meditation Techniques

(This meditation on stillness is from a recent satsang. 
You can hear it by playing the youtube video below.  It's nice to meditate to while reading.)
"You can't do it with thinking,
you have to let go of trying to do it with thinking and surrender.

There's really no doing in it.
It's just relaxing; relaxing into what is already here,
what is already happening below the mental chatter.

Below the mental chatter is just
consciousness, peace, freedom, bliss, love. It's all of this.

The pure, clean, intoxication that is life itself.

You just keep surrendering deep into this moment.

It's like those alka seltzer tablets;
you put them in the water and they dissolve.
They dissolve bubbling into the water until there is nothing left.

When there is nothing left, there is just peace.

This is the offering that is in this moment.

Once you're in this peace, even if you are
just feeling it a little bit, then you're home free.

It's just letting your attention sink more into this peace;
into this divine intoxication that is life itself.

That is not somewhere else that you need to go to.
It's the essence; this moment.

At one level you can drink it in every breath
yet at another level its beyond breathing all together.

At one level it's what every thought is made of
it's what every thought is vibrating.
At another level, it's completely beyond thought.

At one level, it is in every action, it's the expression of every action.
At another level, it exists beyond all action as utter stillness.

It's the same thing, just different levels of experience;
one level no better than the other.

But first we get you to the stillness meditation.
First we get you to what is beyond thought.
So we can get really drunk together on life.

However you are is totally perfect.  It is just allowing that.

And in that you start to sip you start to taste, you start to sink
into the peace that is the essence of everything.

There is no mental discourse here.
no intellectual beliefs, no philosophy.
All of that is ugly compared to this peace.

I'm inviting you to directly be what you are at your essence.

Much love,

stillness meditation

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Stillness Meditation Technique

"There is a natural space of pure silence and stillness in this moment.

In meditation, relax your attention so that it begins to settle
into this moment and sink below the outer movements of thoughts, emotions and physical happenings into the stillness that lies
beneath them.

Just in resting your attention in this stillness, thinking runs out of energy and
stops by itself.

It is a place of non-movement, non-doing. It is motionless, effortless and aware.

You do not get to this stillness through self effort but through surrendering and
relaxing into what is naturally here.

Do not try to force yourself to remain in this stillness.

Rather, keep relaxing back into this effortless stillness when you are pulled out of it.

Much love,

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Attaining Silence & Stillness in Meditation

"In meditation, silence is not
a cessation of thoughts.  
Stillness is not a cessation of movement.

If you try and stop thinking, that is an action of repression.
The thinking has not stopped, you are only holding it back.

It is an action on top of the action.

Silence and stillness is at the root of allowing.

When you allow thinking, when you allow all happenings to
naturally happen,then you are both no longer involved with the
happenings and no longer trying to control the happenings.

It is a completely 'hands off' experience;  completely passive.

You will find the very allowing is silence; is stillness.

In allowing, your attention sinks deep into this moment
underneath all happenings and falls into the silence and stillness
that never moves, that is infinite.

And in resting in this silence, thoughts fall into the silence and disappear,
happenings fall into the stillness and disappear and this silence & stillness that is the essence of all experience rises to the surface and encompasses everything.

Much love,

silence and stillness
"At the essence of being,
there is the natural zero-point of effortless nondoing,
of pure natural stillness.

But if you try and simply be effortless,
you may find a constant involvement with thinking,
a constant resistance to this moment
through chasing desires and avoiding pain.

And so to reach stillness meditation,
the pull to always be involved
with thoughts,desires and worries
must be broken.

That is why there are all of the spiritual practices
that give the mind something to focus on
so that it can begin to burn away
these attachments to thought identification.

A technique like silently repeating 'I am'
while focusing on the feeling of being, is a doing-practice.

You are actively focusing on the feeling of being to cut through that habitual pull
to be involved with thinking.

Through listening to the CDs and sitting with enlightened teachers,
the Shakti is awakened inside you and you learn to build up the Shakti inside you
without wasting it.

You learn to purify the mind and body with proper diet, exercise, breathing exercises, yoga and chanting.

Make no mistake:  for real awakening to happen there should be practice.

But through these practices, the Shakti and awareness burns through all of the attachment to mental perception and awakening happens.

And in that awakening, all trying ceases. Spiritual practice becomes about
surrendering into silence, surrendering into stillness. 

Allowing awakening to take place.

You realize the point of non-movement, nondoing as your true Self.

It does not necessarily mean you stop outward disciplines and practices, but rather your focus naturally rests in the essence of nondoing, in the essence of being pure awareness.

The entirety of existence is found within oneself. Inner and outer become one.

That feeling of surrendering into stillness in meditation is similar to the experience of falling asleep,but without ever losing consciousness.  In fact it is sinking ever deeper and deeper into consciousness to rest in your natural state of effortless stillness.

Much love,

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How to Reach Stillness in Meditation

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Stillness Meditation Technique
Attaining Silence & Stillness in Meditation
How to Reach Stillness in Meditation