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Concentration Meditation:
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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the direct experience of bliss (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation very quickly.

Thousands of People Have Experienced Incredible States of Meditation, Bliss & Spiritual Awakenings While Meditating to His CDs Like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" &  "Shakti Silence."

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"Although its good to have times in meditation
where you are just allowing thinking to be and watching,
developing one pointed awareness in meditation is also quite important.

Concentration meditation helps focus your mind on one particular object
so that everything else falls away and you begin to merge with the object.

You can use whatever meditation technique works for you
to connect you to peace, love, bliss or silence.

It may be japa (silent repetition of a divine name or mantra)
or a form of self inquiry (like asking "who am I?" and directing your attention back on to itself)
or even just focusing on your breath.

But concentration meditation means your attention
is focused on one object that connects you to peace.

If the technique does not connect you to a feeling of peace over time,
then concentration meditation may end up making you feel separate from meditation.

So find a meditation technique that helps relax you and makes you feel peaceful.

As you focus on your meditation technique, other thoughts and emotions
may arise and you simply allow them to arise
but you keep your attention on the technique.

When you have one pointed awareness like this,
all of the thoughts begin to lose their power.

Because their power exists in the attention you give to them.
And if your attention is on the technique,
then the peace increases, awareness intensifies
and the thoughts themselves fall away.

What will also begin to happen
is the technique and the experience of peace
become one and the same.

And then you become so one-pointed in awareness
that only the technique (& experience of peace) remains.
If you are silently repeating a mantra, then only the mantra remains;
even the sense of you begins to dissolve.

If you continue in this way, you will begin to have moments
where there is a complete shift in consciousness.

For a period of time, your mind may naturally stop all together,
and your attention becomes completely absorbed into
infinite consciousness where there is only one.

In this infinite consciousness, there is no sense of a ‘you.'
There is only pure peace, joy and fulfillment. (Samadhi)

Much love,

concentration meditation