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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the direct experience of bliss (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation very quickly.

Thousands of People Have Experienced Incredible States of Meditation, Bliss &  Witness Consciousness While Meditating to His CDs Like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" &  "Shakti Silence."

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How to Experience 
Being Egoless in Meditation

Having No Ego Part 2

"Every time you identify with that part of the mind that is always seeking
always wanting something always worrying, always judging, you make it stronger.

You know that feeling when you give your opinion about something,
that feeling of being puffed up like a puffer fish.

It makes you feel big but it also separates you from what you truly are.

The ego is the sense of individual identity separate from everything else.

So whenever you empower it, you are separating yourself from peace.
You experience a greater distance between you and the peace that you are.

The ego/mind in this way is like some grouchy stranger barking orders at you.

'Go get me a drink' and when you run and get him a drink, you just made him stronger. Now he wants something else. Now he wants a cookie, now he wants an iphone, there is no end to that wanting.

And you end up being ruled by him.  Make no mistake: you are a prisoner of your thoughts.

It's only when you realize that you don't have to identify with the thoughts,
you don't have to serve your desires, judgments and fears that you become free.

You don't argue with the mind, or try to make it different. You just allow it to ramble and you rest your attention into what is truly here beyond the noise.

To what you truly are beyond the noise.

It can be as easy as allowing everything to be as it is and feeling yourself existing in this moment. You just let the mind make noise as it wants
without placing importance on the noise and you can be free of it.

After a while, if you no longer empower it, it quiets down, it runs out of steam.

Then you begin to experience what you truly are in this moment.

Beyond all of the noise that you have taken as reality, you begin to experience yourself as the silence.  And there is no ego in that silence.

And then whether there is noise on top of that silence or not you remain as the silence.

Just by no longer serving that noise, you realize the peace that you are; the peace that is the essence of the mind yet is completely transcendent of it.

Much love,

"Become aware of the experience of being egoless.

Which means become aware of the experience
of not identifying with thoughts, of being unattached to all thoughts
where you just exist as a witness.

Notice this experience of just being a witness.

This is not a doing or a concentration.
It is just stopping the activity of clutching on to thoughts,
of being involved with thoughts.

You are relaxing your hold on thinking
so that you are resting as awareness,
not the identifier of thoughts.

It Is a Surrender; a Relaxation of Doing.

The ego is born out of your attention being identified with thoughts. 
A thought arises, you identify with it and you experience "this is me."

But when you relax your identification with thinking,
your attention becomes free
and can rest in its natural state of formless awarenesss.

You may find thinking naturally stops all together.
This is good, but do not try to stop thinking,
let it happen naturally if it does happen.

If you try and forcefully stop thinking in meditation,
you are trying to control your experience.
And when you try and control your experience,
you are back in the ego, the sense of being separate from this moment.

So simpy rest in this experience of being egoless
until you find you are caught up in thinking
and then rest in it again when you become aware
you were caught up.

And when you are resting in the sense of having no ego,
notice your experience.
Notice that you are completely free of all stress.
That you are free of all worry, all desire, all fear.
That you exist as awareness itself, peace itself.

It is not that you make it a goal to be this way all of the time.

Rather it is to become aware in this experience,
comfortable in this experience, familiar with being egoless.

Then it becomes a sanctuary of peace
where everything comes back to peace.

And very naturally, you will rest in this place
of egolessness more and more.

Much love,


When you learn to be egoless in meditation, you experience complete freedom from yourself.  All stress and worry disappears and your experience yourself as formless peace.

no ego